What Are You Asking Father Christmas For?

MtC's post on another thread:

Is that what you're going to ask for whilst sat on Santa's knee at the local shopping centre? Why can't you just ask for strong drink or war books instead, like every other bastard?

Mind you, I'm not very ambitious in that regard. Every year, all I want for Christmas is another Christmas* and Santa has come through nicely so far. He'll let me down sooner or later though. Hopefully later, much later.

*this quip shamelessly plagiarised from Ian Dury.
got me thinking what you would ask Father Christmas for?

I would ask for a life of fast cars and even faster women, although I'm not sure I could handle either of them to their limits now. (And I think SWMBO would object).

What are you asking for?
Whatever it is that gets the fit chicks at Brize to pull their knickers down behind the Biffa bins.

Is it the white RAF PTI outfit? I want one of those even if it's not that.

Actually fuck it, can I just have an RAF PTI?
Peace on earth, good will to all men and a ganz neuer gaming PC!
What I really want from Santa is for him to pack it in until around the 21st of December each year. Pushy cunt, does he think I'm made of money or something?

Humbug? We're waaaayyyyy past the boiled sweets stage.


A top notch guaranteed hangover cure, after last night!! And an injection of good cheer for Jarrod. xx
I'm on the Naughty List so not getting anything
I've put a chit in for Miss Spacehopper to say that she's been really bad all year (actually not an exaggeration as she has been a right pain in the arse and she is only seven! god help me when she reaches her teens), hopefully it will guarantee a sack of coal. Far more useful than the crap Santa brings normally.
A pony and a BFO hammer.
My official redundancy notice.
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