What are ye driving?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bradshaw, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. What cars you currently driving, and whats the best/worst cars you have ever had.
    Pics if you can please!

    Tis my baby, if you can guess what it is ill lick your belly button -

    Well it isnt mine, its my mom's car club boss's, but i had a one night stand with the sexy bitch at my prom
    Edited to say - (The car that is - i swear to god..)
  2. You and the car look the same-a right fcuking state. Was it a special project for mong outreach? Next time, wear a tux that fits. And why is there an ironing board attached to the rear?
  3. What an utter pile of pig shit.

    Do your eyes not work properly??
  4. looks like a 9x-2001 honda civic 5 door to me, only made up to look fcuking sh*te.

    I've got an old man civic, no point putting a photo up as you'll see enough of them doing 56mph in the inside lane of the motorway with a 90 year old at the wheel

    P.S that car looks cr*p

    editted to add; get your hands out ya pockets - buy a bowtie that isn't pre-tied and DON'T claim to have ever seen that car before - let alone having driven it
  5. Best you tell your 'moms' boss that some cunt has been drawing on his car with a big box of crayola and a bag of half potatos dipped in poster paint.

    The car looks like an Alan Partridge mobile - A Lexus.
  6. Why, just why would you do that to a car?
  7. Breaking my heart, spose its a case of taste, its a completely new type of paint job, about 800 hours of work - and there have been a rather large range of opinions on it.
  8. 800 hours of work???? That's £4k of labour charges at minimum wage!!! FCUKING HELL. I could pay a 4 year old four packets of sweeties to have a job like that done - and they'd supply their own poster paints.

    Also ironing boards are designed for ironing, not ruining the aerodynamics of a car.

    Also what car is it? Honda civic/rover 45/400...?
  9. Taste???

    Ive seen gansta rappers with more 'taste'.

    800 hours work? By who? Stevie fucking Wonder?

    The only option for that hideous piece of crap is to drive it into a freight train.
  10. I know what it is. It's a fcuking abortion on wheels!
  11. ranging from dog-sh1te to complete utter dog-sh1te at a guess.
  12. What are you driving flasheart?
    And its a civic crabby
  13. Larger range than that, some actually liked it :eek:
  14. It's sad that's what it is!! Deserves to be modified with a fecking claymore!!!!

    edited to remove sad pic
  15. It doesnt matter what I'm driving, lofty. Youre the one who posted that monstrosity on here. If you dont like the answers, chuck your keyboard in the bin as the internet aint for you.