What are we training for?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Pride_of_the_South, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. With us pulling out of Iraq and moving to Afghanistan. How is this going to affect are training? And is Afghanistan going to be are Vietnam war or was Iraq it? just wondering wat people think.
  2. Think you mean OUR not are. Did you not learn English at school??
  3. yeah, passed it when i was 18 tho.

  4. Really?

    Do you mean passed the school or the exam?
  5. how?????????????? :frustrated:
  6. the exam. i wasn't entered in GCSE english when i was 16. School propally didn't want me to ruin there record. God u got to love private school. the sadest thing is i made it to uni and not poly one either. i went UKC.
  7. You went to a private school and you still can't spell properly after being given more time to complete it :shock:
  8. I think we have run the course of your Wah, PotS.

    Valiant effort but we shall retire to mark your scorecard.

    We shall return shortly to give you the results.

    Barbgenius you aint but it may be a close run thing. ;)
  9. yeah but i can speak malay, bet you can't do that :b
  10. Youre right. I can't.

    It appears you've been speaking it all night.

    I've had to babelfish most of your comments. It still comes up with 'language not recognised. Probably a retard or a chav'.

  11. You've obviously just run your jaw across the keyboard.

    eruihgiuhuuhrewmdmmmm djekfinhfihfif?

  12. Oooooooooooooooh, maybe Afghanistan is going to be are (sic) Afghanistan. Or quite possibly Iraq is going to be are (sic) Afghanistan. If you look at it from a Soviet perspective instead of an American one, that is.

    Taking this thought process further, I wonder whose Iraq Iran is going to be a few years down the line. And whose Isle of Wight Andorra is going to be. Scary times, eh?
  13. If Andorra is still a duty free state maybe we should invade there next?
  14. Selemat datang BODDUH!! (A bit of Malay for you) :headbang: I did however, manage to grasp a conceptual knowledge of my mother language before learning Malay.