What are we fighting for?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskey_60, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. Hey everyone needs oil...
  2. Rintlen

    "So next time you are getting your ass shot off by some turban headed fanatic, just remember: you are doing it to make some rich oil magnate a bit richer."

    Do me a favour Whiskey_60, pour some oil over this chap and set fire to him, please! :twisted:
  3. Troll.
  4. Can't the moderators find a quiet corner for all the anti-war, 'Blair is a liar' and I've nothing better to do than come on here and rant at those who might actually have a clue what they are talking about, types to go off and play in?

    Why not try writing to your MP if you feel so strongly? At least they are slightly less likely to swear at you.
  5. *Gladly pours oil over the Tool* Well hey we have plenty to go around.
  7. We are all well aware that Saddam had a fleet of remote control robotic whales which were a tangible threat to the Western World.

    In fact many believe that RCRWs were used to destroy the World Trade Center.

    Oh God, I think I hear the helicopters coming.....
  8. ..... and off to the ArrseHole in 5..... 4...... 3 .......2.......
  9. FFS, what is with this time of the year?!! 8O First some nobby no mates comes on fishing for ammo on the 'illegal war in Iraq' and now this dunderheid.... :roll:

    Go take it elsewhere (tell your editor you couldn't get a rise from arrse) cos we don't want to hear it!!!! :x
  10. Let's not.

    Been to either have you?

    Just what I was thinking to myself on the toilet the other day.

    Ain't the documentary channel great?

    Racist as well eh, you are a charmer arn't you.
  11. I thought it was sikhs who wore turbans???

    Subsonic, how right your are.

    Do not feed the troll

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  12. Rintelen - you have mispelt your logon.

    Check on the bottle and you will see that it's spelled

    R I T A L I N
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Methinks madmuppet and rinteln are one and the same - can some bod check thier IP's?

    Besides what has nine one one, the US emergency telephone number got to do with arrse? Or am I missing something through the dullness?!
  14. "Imagine that due to some kind of invisible Strange wave from space, that oil is turned to mud" I nominate you to be the human shield then.

    is there a full moon at the moment ?
  15. It's him - again