What Are We Coming To?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by YANK60, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. I saw this on CNN yesterday and couldn't believe it. A 15-year-old boy in Florida was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire by 5 other boys. The motive? The boy couldn't repay a small loan. One of the attackers attempted to steal the victim's father's bike, and the boy reported it to the police, who arrested the thief. The victim was attacked for being a "snitch".
    This boy is burned over 80% of his body, and will require months of treatment, assuming he survives.

  2. Unfortunately, the same sort of thing happens in the UK and Europe.

    Something needs to be done about it, and soon, before we really see the decline of Western civilisation.
    Or are we too late?
  3. It's been too late for years. At least since 1997 anyways :wink:

    On the flip side though, once we are all under sharia law this sort of thing shouldn't happen randomly but with more direction and clarity of purpose :roll:

  4. Have you been speaking to the arch-Druid, Rowan Williams, again? :wink:

  5. Charge these evil b*stards as adults, confine them in a juvenile facility until they're 18, then turn them over to the state DOC for f***ing life.

    If a kid has been degenerated/desensitized to the point to where he can commit such a hideous act and then sit in a police station and laugh about it, he can no longer be trusted to live in society. He's done.
  6. Unfortunatly the decline has already happened. No industry, all patents infringed by china and the future is??????
  7. My kind of bloke. Stand for Parliament and I for one will vote for you.

  8. Thanks, but I don't think they'd have me, being a septic and all. Thanks for the thought, though. :D
  9. It's a shame repayment of subprime mortgages weren't chased with such vigour, then we probably wouldn't be in such a mess.
  10. 15 yrs old (late starter then)

    These mid & younger teens are fully aware that they can get away from any proper law & justice due to their young age!

    Something of which 'has' to change!

    Disgraceful incident.

  11. Unless you were holding stock in companies that manufactured rubbing alcohol, which would go through the roof.