What are Unionists in Ulster doing about Scots independence?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by angular, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any insights (yes, I've tried asking them)?

    Of course we've debated Scots independence ad nauseum, but I can't see the English limping on with a 3/4 Union if/when the Scots go. The Welsh might not care, but what about Unionists in Ulster? What price the good Friday agreement then?
  2. Its not going to happen, an Independent Scotland, like an Independent NI, is economically unviable.
  3. There are plenty of examples of something economically unviable becoming "independent". Prerequisite for independence is politician's personal gain.
  4. I wouldn't worry about an Independant Scotland just yet. With the amount of Poles up there right now, they're more likley to become a suburb of Warsaw long before they get independence.

    As for the Ulster Unionists...would anyone really give a monkey's if NI were to go? The Unionists are only British when it suits them. The rest of the time they're bugger all but beer bellied, loud mouthed, shell suit wearing inbred, 'Rangers 1690' tattooed fat b*stards. And that's just the women.

    Cor Blimey!
  5. Do you feel better now? :twisted:

    How can you say that about the women - what about those dollies at the Harland & Woolf Club I mean ...................

    Oh yeah - I see now :oops:
  6. They don't like the idea, for obvious reasons.
  7. Let me guess...you're a Celtic supporter! :twisted:

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day; you are correct when you say Scottish independance will never happen. Why should we split from you lot when we have the best of both worlds?

    For all intents and purposes, The Nation Formerly Known as England is now a provance of Greater Scotland under the control of Emperor For Life Broon. :twisted:
  8. Frank......you're a tw*t.
  9. You're razor-sharp wit and command of the written word cuts me to the bone...I'll take a revolver and head to the library to do the decent thing... :roll:
  10. 5/1 odds Frank wins :p
  11. What, against a man with 12,000 posts of this quality?

    I'm in for a tenner :D
  12. My money's on Biscuits. On a totally separate note I find STABs abhorrent and vomit inducing.

    Most Jocks are alcoholics though and should be liquidised.
  13. Angular, I can tell you this. Many Ulstermen have become somewhat paranoid and feel their nation is constantly under attack from ever quarter by Republicans. They are resentful and believe their Britishness is being stripped from them bit by bit - with British consent. So the topic of an independent Scotland sets them off. They rant about how Catholics are taking over the Scottish education system, political system and media etc. etc. They are afraid the 'same' thing, which they are incredibly alarmist about, will happen to NI. If Scotland 'falls', so will they.
  14. That's probably not the only thing of yours that's on Biscuits... :roll:
  15. Gentlemen, I am honoured by you're faith in me! :salut: :D