What are ticket prices like at your club?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Taz_786, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. Have to admit im getting more annoyed by the year at rip-off ticket prices, even though there's more money than ever sloshing around in the Premiership.

    Just forked out £45 per ticket which might not be as bad as London but still extortionate for a freaking football match.

    What's it like at your club?

    The whole thing is reaching a tipping point I reckon.
  2. Went to see the Mighty Mansfield at Brentford on Sat, and the price was an eye watering (for League 2) £19.
  3. £20 down The Valley these days.

    Missing the premiership? My arrse!
  4. 20 quid to see Inverness Caley at the moment or 25 when they play Rangers and Celtic. I know the caley aren't Man U but 45 quid was the vendor wearing a mask???????
  5. I think £45 is awesome value to watch Shrek break his little pinkies :D :D

    Anyway, the continental window fitters have a lot of monthly interest payments to make nowadays don’t ya know :p
  6. I follow the Champions of Northern Ireland, Linfield FC.

    £8 if your paying into a game, season ticket is £120.
  7. Seriously though

    You can get tickets for Armenia Bielefeld (German Bundesliga) for 10 Euro’s including all public transport to and from the ground

    Great value for money and fantastic atmosphere, unlike some games in the supposedly “best league in the world”
  8. Cheers for the point on Saturday :D was it a good game.
  9. And theres me thinking that the Stags paid people to attend!!

    Ah...just realised it was away, apologies :)
  10. You were good value for money mate. You were unlucky with the offside decision but we should have finished you off.

    Good supporters too, very loud. Hope you do well, I have friends in Brigg and have been to Glandford Park a few times when at a loose end.

    Good luck!
  11. Went to see NUFC play Newcastle Blue Star last night, saw Owen do his 60minutes, all for the princely sum of a fiver!
  12. Bout 26 quid to visit fortress riverside, not counting the 500 mile round trip and accomodation of course.......
  13. 33 quid for Everton against Wigan in the main stand on Saturday. Not a particuarly great view either, posts everywhere and a nightmare to get out of at the end of the game. Can see now after sitting in the main stand for the first time in years instead of my usual Gwladys street seat why Everton need a new stadium.
  14. Mate i think you need to do what i did and bin the season ticket ! Instead trade it in to follow Salford rugby league! they are shite but we need the crowds ha
  15. £28 it cost me on Saturday to see the ONLY team in Bristol, v QPR though a brillant game certainally no way worth that costing, City wonder why they have trouble filling the ground - dont take the brains of an archbishop