What are they called now ???

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by OSACIN, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. Having been out of the Corps for a good few years now - about 26 at the last count - im intrigued to know what the trades have now become
    when I left they consisted of the following (in no particular order)
    radio tech
    terminal equipment tech
    radio relay tech
    spec op
    tele mech
    radio telegraphist
    data telegraphist
    combat radio man
    combat powerman
    combat lineman
    combat storeman
    combat driver
    combat sig (which covered a mulitude of sins - RP was one of them

    think that was about it - so what are they called now or what trades cover what ????
  2. radio, TE and RR tech are all now the combined trade "Systems Engineering Technician"
    tele mech Installation Technician
    radio telegraphist Radio Systems Operator
    data telegraphist Area Systems Operator
    combat powerman RSIGNALS Electrician
    combat radio man doesn't exist anymore
    combat storeman Tech Support Specialist
    combat lineman combined into RSIGNALS Driver
    combat driver combined into RSIGNALS Driver
    clerk doesn't exist anymore
    combat sig doesn't exist anymore
  3. wtf is an IS OP ?
  4. It was the old trade that replaced with ADP Specialist. It has been replaced by the Information Systems Engineer (IS Engr). Go to http://www.army.mod.uk/royalsignals/careers/techgroup.html#ISeng for further information. Commonly referred to as 'coneheads' by jealous people in lesser trades. Most interesting and diverse trade in the Corps IMHO.
  5. the only thing interesting in the IS Op world is the fact that you can on the internet as for the rest of the trade skills its for GEEKS
  6. Doubtful. And certainly not the most interesting people in the Corps, although I might agree with diverse people, you have all sorts of different types of dweebs.
  7. Eh "you can on the internet"? WTF does that mean. I presume you're living in some strange country where the english language takes the form of chav/advert speak? By the way, it's IS Engr, not IS Op. A few less mature individuals keep trying to use the term, as a bit of a snide aside, however I'm sure you want to avoid any such accusations.

    Funny how the techs, who have been slagged off for all these years for their pseudo-intelligence, premature promotion and general lack of soldier skills, think it's a real wheeze to re-invent themselves in some strange fantasy world where another trade can be terms 'dweebs'. Wake up and smell the cappucino you bunch of maniacs.

    If Sys Engr Tech was the most highly regarded trade it once was, then people wouldn't be leaving in droves. I think a few people are merely feeling very very threatened because they have grown complacent over the years and forgotten that they need to keep with the times by following technological trends.

    Information Systems is the way ahead. The tech roster has now realised this and is rapidly coming back on board. Mark my words.
  8. I see inter-trade rivalry / jealousy is still rife. I could never understand it whilst serving as an RTG 10yrs ago, if people put the same amount of time and effort into their own career as they do bitching about other trades, they might find life just that little bit more rosier. Healthy competition is good, whining and bleating about people and trades that is outside of their control is counterproductive, plus it gets on your t*ts. It certainly did mine.

    Rant over.
  9. Cardinal.
    No "Pseudo Intelligence" - it's the real thing. And as for soldiering skills, I did have my rifles.... Anyway that is moot, as I am out now, and funnily enough working with a couple of IS Engrs (one of which is a wnaker for not sorting my Corps Bar pass out... :evil: :evil: ) And it could be said that what I'm doing now is more IS-ish, but the difference is, that I use computers as a tool, not a hobby.
  10. I don't think that using computers as a hobby is necessarily an IS Engr thing, Guru. I have seen a few guys who retraded over the years because they were computer configuraholics but it didn't necessarily make them good at that trade. It's just that the very basic skillsets are easily ported to out-of-work and we get all these big IT initiatives in our faces all the time (new flashy operating systems, Web 2.0, internet worms, RSS, XML, streaming media, broadband etc etc) so it's easy for some people to get slightly excited. It's the gamers I can't fathom. Strange people.

    On the other hand, in my experience, the new guys (who have joined up as Siggy IS Engr) are far from coneheads. They have joined up to be soldiers just like everyone else, however they have their GCSEs (like techs) and doing IS probably seems a reasonably attractive proposition because it's still in such demand in civvy street (again refer to above paragraph). Not necessarily the right motivation for joining a trade but I think it's certainly influential.

    By the way - my unit also got f***ed off for Corps bar tickets, despite applying many months in advance. As usual it's been an utter farce.
  11. Good point WRT the changing type of soldier in the IS Engr trade. Naafi breaks in the IS Tp crewroom will become interesting again in a couple of years, instead of a discussion of who got the top score in Sonic the Hedgehog. BTW that fine upstanding IS Engr that makes my brews has redeemed himself and come through with a Corps Bar pass. It will be worn loose in the traditional manner, so I will be wearing my blue ARRSE T Shirt if anyone wants to "borrow" it for a couple of mins..