What are they, and what are they worth ?


The first in this mount is similar to the neck decoration to the left of Photo #003, but it has a rosette - is it different to the other two ?
Generally speaking French/European Orders have at least three Grades,
Knight (Chevalier) - Plain Ribbon.
Officer (Officier) - Rosette on Ribbon
Commander (Commandeur) - Neck Decoration


Many thanks for the gen so far.
As he seems adamant he wants to sell them, I'd like to get as much advice as possible to ensure he gets a good a deal as he can.
One of these is currently for sale on eBay.co.UK. Article No. - 283833407142
70 pounds (+ 8 quid postage) is the asking price or best offer ! Bare in mind, this is an over inflated dealer price!


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