What are these Para wings?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by into de_void, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Just browsing the MoD web and came across this picture in a current story, as per the title, what are the wings he's wearing?

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  2. They look a bit like the parachute jump instructor wings, but hard to tell.
  3. I thought they may have been APJI wings but I was under the impression they were no longer legit to wear (RM who had them had to replace them with conventional wings some time in the early 90s IIRC).
  4. That's quite an old pic judging by the CBA, Iron sight, Retro Deserts, old stlyle FFD and gash specs - Telic 3/4?
  5. They are seen here...

    army-surplus.co.uk: APJI Para Wings
  6. Well thats someone from 13 Air Assault RLC who are currently over on tour.......can't really see the wings though as too small but lots of the lads were wearing similar when I was over in 16 BDE so think they are the Instructor ones
  7. Good spot CC_TA, the MoD story says he was in Iraq in '03 as a Capt and you can just see a rank slide Capt pip on the photo so it's a good bet it's from '03. Possibly the Army (and in his case TA) were/are still wearing APJI wings. I'm sure someone on here will put me straight at some point soon.
  8. I know the bloke in the picture. APJI wings and it is TELIC 1 gusting 2.
  9. As a wearer of these most prodigious wings (got them when it was a real qual) I can definately confirm that they are Assistant Parachute Jumping Instructors wings (subdued version). Like all wings they are a lifetime award and can always be worn except if you screw up and have them withdrawn. Those that know will know the reasons for that.

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