What are the world's top sporting events?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FORMER_FYRDMAN, Apr 6, 2013.

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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    In the PTSD-inducing horror that is the Ladies Day thread, CAARPS wrote:

    "It must break the hearts of some individuals that the mighty city of Liverpool continues to host one of the worlds top 10 sporting events. You can almost taste the jealousy."

    I wondered what Arrsers considered to be the top five (or ten if you wish)and I offer a provisional list for the sake of argument:

    1. The Olympics: 100 metres men's final
    2. The football world cup final
    3. The Ryder Cup
    4. The Wimbledon men's final
    5. The Superbowl
  2. 6 Nations
    Monaco GP
    CL Final
    Tour de France
  3. 1. Tour de France
    2. Rugby World Cup
    3. The Ashes
    4. Vendee Round-The-World
    5. Wimbledon Men's Final

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Why 6 Nations but not RWC and on what grounds does League get a look in? Also, isn't the Tour now seriously tarnished?
  5. 6 Nations
    Commonwealth games
    Heavyweight championship fights
  6. I put 6 nations as its every year and I enjoy the games, pub banter etc. A few years ago I would agree with you on the Tour but I like to think its been cleaned up now, of course I could be proved wrong. You could agree you the mens 100 Mt is tarnished for the same reason.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    The men's 100m is tarnished but not to the point where there is a block of years with no winner. I agree about the 6 Nations being enjoyable but does that make it a top five event give that the top teams in the sport aren't generally present?
  8. Dogging dogging and dogging.
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  9. Stanley cup
    Ryder cup
    6 nations

    In no particular order
  10. In rder for it to be top 5 in the world, it has to have world participation/audience. So that rules out Yank sports.
    1) Olympics
    2)Football world cup
    3)Cricket world cup
    4)Ryder Cup
    5)Para Olympics

    I would have 6 Nations, Ashes and The open in there but they don't get the world viewing figures.
  11. Is that combined with the 100m dash when the police catch you?

    British Open Golf Championship

    Largs and Millport raft race
  12. Naked Hedgehog squatting
    Underwater motorcycle cross
    Nude bear baiting
    Dogging on ice
    Javelin catching
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  13. Credit for actually including sailing, but the America's Cup trumps the Vendee, even allowing for all the bloody legal rows! These new boats are awesome and if they can learn to control them the racing should be pretty special.
  14. Why oh why would that not make good evening entertainment!
  15. British Lions to NZ or SA
    Isle of Man TT
    Rugby World Cup
    Olympic Decathlon
    Le Mans