What are the true beneifts of being a Mason?



OK heads up, this isn't a piss take and I'd like those who post to keep it factual. I wasn't sure what forum it should be in so I placed it here as there are more readers. Much as I have taken a rise out of them in the past, I must confess to knowing absolutely bugger all about them, apart from the rumours and speculation.

What are the benefits of joining the Free Masons if any? What sort of bloke joins them and what is the attraction? Where did it start and when? What was the reason for starting it?

Straight answers if you will.
My friend works in an Oil refinery control room. His boss is a Mason and so are a couple of my mates colleagues. Although they do the same job he says they earn slightly more than he does.

Benefit 1. Financial

deleted due to being handsome
If the bossof the brewery the lodge is getting its ale from, is a mason. More than likely the Lodge will get a better deal than other establishments.

Benefit 2. Cheap beer

you get to wear funny aprons , trouser legs pulled up and prance around with a balloon bouncing behind you. singing "eenie meenie miney mo i am mason so there !" :lol:

my uncle was offered membership he declined it, i personally don't see the benefit myself, most people get along quite well without it, it largly depend on why you want to join, not what they will give you as a benefit of membership.
its not a stonecutters society like the simpsons,


The Army is full of them and most have benefited in some way from being one!

(I must find the ba$tard who blacked balled me!) :evil:


You're missing my point here, I'm just curious as to what the attraction is and what it is all about. I've had a read of that site and it was quite interesting.

Just curious that's all.
Biscuits_AB said:
You're missing my point here, I'm just curious as to what the attraction is and what it is all about. I've had a read of that site and it was quite interesting.

Just curious that's all.
don't bother its not what its cracked up to be, its no different from the "mates system" that works in every walk of life including the forces, i.e. old school tie, sports club, family connections, knitting needle circle, many things works only because you know somebody, which is what the mason is like , just a social club with funny rituals to give it a bit of mystery, when you know somebody you are willing to do favours for them, thats basically a mason thing too.
As Semper says, being a Freemason is no different to belonging to any other club or society.

In my experience, any prospective member who says he hopes to gain financially is quickly blackballed. In any case, the myth about masons favouring each other is just that, other than the same consideration one would give to someone known from, say, a regiment or golf club. The rules state that masons should help each other, but not to the detriment of their family or business connections; masons are also forbidden to break the law.

Freemasonry includes charity, the idea being that everyone gives according to his means. Although most of the charitable work goes unpublicised, some significant money is involved - the masons bought several hundred new vehicles for St John Ambulance, for example, and have funded a large number of housing projects for various groups.

The rituals can be fun, and there are some good dinners. Not much different to a Mess, really.

I dare say some in the military may have benefitted in some way. I tend to avoid those who try to use their membership inappropriately, as do most masons I know.
The true benefit of being a Freemason is the improvement of self.
By using a series of Ritual drama's, Masonry aims to make good men better (men).

Apart from the imprvement of self, some join for the social side, some to raise money for Charities, and a minority join to be part of a club that is somewhat exclusive.
Despite what is commonly thought, you are not 'asked' if you wish to join; it is you that must take steps to seek admission.

The old chestnut of people joining Freemasonry for preferment at work or in society, holds no more water than those who who belong to the same golf club, Regiment or school.
Freemasons are not all rich and wealthy, I know Masons who are Plumbers, Pub landlords, Coppers and even a Postman.

We do not care if you are black, white or piebald! We do not care which religion you are, but you must have a belief in a 'Supreme being' - whatever definition you place upon that is up to you.

Incidently, there are also Masonic organisations for women with the same aims and ideals.

Try www.thefreemason.com/forum ask any questions that you wish........ we will be happy to answer them.

Oh yes, how do I know what I'm talking about? I've been a Mason for just on 20 years....
Rumor has it that they look downon anyone that kick with their left foot! :twisted:

My uncle is one and his wife ran away with his bessa mate who was my uncles superior in the lodge. Caused all sorts of probs, but hey it was a laugh!

Interesting there are no real female equivalent societies...... there are no large-scale very secret female-only groups that do not allow men into their ranks - (I know some men think of the entire female race in that light....)

I wonder why that is? As Biscuits-AB asks, I am just curious..... what is it about the male psyche that requires some to join together in exclusive clubs with almost covert eligibity criteria in order to gain status of privilege?

Some might say elitism, some might say exclusivity, some might say morality - some might say insecurity....

what say you?!
I suppose it's a good way to get away from whining bloody women for a bit of peace and quiet. Incidentally I am not a member of any organisation that allows me to get away from my wife, who thankfully is not whiney.
ViroBono said:
wellfed said:
Incidently, there are also Masonic organisations for women with the same aims and ideals.
These are not governed by Grand Lodge, and are therefore not Masonic, but pseudo-masonic.
True, the women only and 'mixed' Masonry is not recognised by thr United Grand Lodge of England, however many women -only Lodges share Male only Lodge buildings quite amicably, albeit without actually meeting 'Masonically' together.

On another tack - there are many Lodges with Military connections eg. R Sigs, RAMC, SF, REME, PARA, Woofers, RDG etc, etc.
semper said:
my uncle was offered membership he declined it, .....................
How can that be?

"To be one ask one"

While i am not one, I know many who are. Mason's do not ever give out "invitations" to join. One has to seek membership.
My father was one and I didn't even know until we found his masonic briefcase and jewellery after he died.
I have only one experience of Masons in the Army. One of our guys died in Germany and his German wife wanted to live and bring the kids up in England. Our CO went to his lodge and they arranged a council home for her and kids, Masonic school places and a job for her. Pretty neat and we were most impressed.
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