What are the smallest (female) clothing sizes on issue?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by 4(T), Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. I'm after some surplus fleece, waterproofs, etc, for Mrs 4(T), in order to equip her for the firing ranges in the UK summer (e.g. mud, lashing rain and wind....). Luckily, Mrs 4(T) is still a small and manageable size, despite her predilection for chocolate fudge cake and English breakfasts.

    She has a sniper smock in 160/88, which is still a bit big on her. I've never seen anything listed on eBay in a smaller size, but I'm sure that there must be girls serving who are my wife's size or even smaller. Are there smaller sizes than 160/88 on issue, or do girls simply eat Ginsters until they fit the larger sizes...?
  2. JSP 768 shows the smallest sized combats as 160/88.

    Anything smaller would have to be special measure.
  3. Have you got any cadets near that you can mug? What size you after?
  4. Speak to your local ACF, they some times have smaller kit buckshee that they might be able to loan you for the exercise ( have sizes to fit 12-13 year olds).........had done similar for a friend a few years back. Maybe offer a small donation to their fund would twist their arm.
  5. The cadets get their kit through the system as we all do so whatever the smallest size is ( 160/88 ) that is what they will have.

    As Alan P said anything smaller is special measure.


  6. As said there might be kit smaller in the ACF detachment buckshee thats been left by a SMALLER cadet......worth a shout and thats where I got kit from from a very small 13 year old....so unless 4 (T) is married to a dwarf then he should have a chance.
  7. I do think photos would be the best way to clear any confusion :)
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  8. Have you thought of giving her a few fish suppers?
  9. Preferably naked so we can gauge an accurate sizing!
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  10. WHo you or his wife?
  11. Which ever you prefer!
  12. Or you could simply encourage her to join the army, after which her arse will automatically expand 6 sizes overnight.
  13. Having your back doors kicked in by multiple squaddies after every mess function will do that to a woman.
  14. That's sexist!

    Having your back doors kicked in by multiple squaddies after every mess function will do that to anyone.
  15. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    speaking from personal experience there Rukh?