What are the rules on Para Wings?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Outstanding, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. What are the ways in which a soldier (Regular British Army)can "legally" wear Para Wings, without Passing P Coy?
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  2. Why, are you planning to live on the edge of waltdom?
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  3. There's a couple of threads on here about it which run to loads of pages. Disregard the shit spouted by hats, cadets, civvies and wives of and you'll get your answer. I could tell you but I can't be ******* bothered.
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  4. Brilliant answer!
  5. No just ben reading another Thread about some senior officer (not The Prince of Walts (exception!)) who seems to be wearing them on the basis that he once ran a division that had a para unit in it. Just wondered what the rules were
  6. Only wear them while running around the woods with like minded fat blokes with plastic guns that fire iddy widdy yellow balls.
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  7. Being a bellend helps.
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  8. You had to have had a Lobotomy, sex with 3 Para Mortars and a Criminal Record for ABH.

    You also needed a pair of Jeans, Desert Wellies, Maroon Sweatshirt and a big **** off para tattoo.
  9. Air SOF you mean!?
  10. No need nowadays to constantly refer to "a good night at the roundabout club" then?
  11. Id suggest that the "Senior Officer" in question is a bit walty. I also have no idea why Senior Officers think that abandoning all pretence of following the dress code that applies to everyone else (without any apparent reason) is a sign of great leadership. Oi Senior bloke, lead by f*cking example!
  12. Any idea where the dress Regs are that lay out the rules? - be good to post him a copy.
  13. Why the **** does this keep coming up? Just man the **** up and do Pegasus Company if you want to wear the ******* things.
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  14. Is this general Ex KRH by any chance?
  15. Current affairs?

    Try using the search function or better still throw yourself in a wood chipper you dull kunt!
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