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Howdy all,
I was in the regs for 7 years until I was medically down graded and compulsary discharged after a an incident on tour. Its been 2 years and im finding civi street hard to deal with. Does anyone know if I would be able to join the local TA unit just to get some sort of reality back in my life?


I have been through the medical mill.

Its best to ask yourself a few questions.

Can you realistically carry out the job, i.e. i like to think of the time when i was a serving regular and how i felt then to how i feel now......I ache more, i take longer to recover from a right old body brutalising excercise. 10 mile tabs full pack and rifle et al. How would i feel doing that now, could i do it ? Could i spend all day digging holes ? can i do everything asked of me without jeorpardising any of my would be fellow mates, would they have to help me in any way shape or form ?

If you can be honest with yourself and thats who matters here, and you can answer all the above questions without doubt or hesitation then i'd say do it. if on the other hand you have the slightest doubt then you might as well forget it and leave it to people who are capable. Its about honesty to yourself when all said and done.

The TA or Reg's is a team effort, ask yourself if you could genuinly add something to a team, or whether you could end up when the shit hits the fan in anyway shape or form being a burden on the lads around you ?

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