What are the Marines wearing ?

I think you will find they are Marine Air Crew! It looks like they are in 'Dezzie Grow Bags'! No talking bollox just had a closure look, they are wearing the AFV Crewmans Coverall (Desert version).
soprano54 said:
I think you will find they are Marine Air Crew! It looks like they are in 'Dezzie Grow Bags'! No talking bollox just had a closure look, they are wearing the AFV Crewmans Coverall (Desert version).
yep. the two guys standing up are in what look like a dessie version of the tank crew suit.
they are holding the AFV version of the SA80 A2.
Older_by_the_day said:
Even the bloke on the top of the BV? The one with the different NVGs.
he's got on one of the two versions of the new body armour over what I think is a tank crew suit.
one type of new body armour is called osprey. cant remember what the other is called. they are very septic'esck, with the webbing loops on to directly attach pouches to the armour.
Top cover guy is wearing Kestrel ECBA
The Marines have recently introduced the new SQ of “Armoured Support” specialist to their list of jobs now that they have the Viking in service.

Could be why they are wearing the AFV Crewmans Coverall (Desert version) and using AFV version of the SA80 A2.

The bit below taken from section of RN website on the “Viking Armoured Vehicle.”

“In order to train Viking crews and marines destined to be transported in the vehicle, the Royal Marines have established a new training organisation at the Royal Armoured Corps Armour Centre in Bovington, Dorset. The Armour Centre was chosen as it is an establishment specifically designed for training the crews of armoured vehicles. In addition the support infrastructure is first class and has been made fully available for use by the Royal Marines.”
Viking crewman.

Hence SA80 A2 Carbines and Nomex suits.

Points to note: They are standing at the rear doors of a Viking in first pic.

Defence Procurement Minister visits Armed Forces personnel in Afghanistan
7 Oct 06
Defence Procurement Minister, Lord Drayson, has been visiting UK forces in southern Afghanistan, on the fifth anniversary of the beginning of NATO operations.

Lord Drayson talks with Royal Marines during his visit to Afghanistan
[Picture: Kandahar Press Information Centre]
During his visit Lord Drayson talked with UK forces to learn about their experiences and how their equipment was performing.

British troops are deployed in Afghanistan in support of a UN-authorised, NATO-led mission, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).

Lord Drayson said:

"Five years ago we recognised that an Afghanistan that was the home of international terrorism was a threat to the UK’s national interest. Since then we have helped the democratically elected government of Afghanistan to make real progress towards building a more secure and stable country.

"I have been enormously impressed by the work done here by our armed forces, and I am extremely proud of the contribution they are making both in Helmand and to the overall NATO mission.

"The mission in Helmand has been more difficult than we expected, but our forces have met this challenge with extraordinary courage and determination and have inflicted a tactical defeat on the enemy this year. We now need to build on this progress.”

Lord Drayson chats with British Forces during his visit to Afghanistan
[Picture: Kandahar Press Information Centre]
Lord Drayson continued:
"I am committed to ensuring that UK forces have the right equipment. I have had very positive feedback about the new Viking vehicles, the Apache helicopter, and personal equipment, such as body armour and weapons.

"But I have also heard about areas where improvements are needed. The discussions I have had here will ensure future equipment meets the high standards our forces need."
BiscuitsAB said:
lol. that armour make him look like a wheeble!
The difference is it's so heavy that you do fall down
Im_bored said:
Cuchulainn said:
Bondi-Babe-Magnet said:
See the pics on the attached link -are these some new dessies. They make the Marines look like Yanks.

On that note channel 5 (or 4 or something) had a guy on the news the other night who was a "Lt. colonel" and a "spokesperson from the British Army" wearing a marine beret. Lazy reporting as usual I guess.
But the Marines are part of the Army aren't they.......

:wink: :D
Wrong every one knows their the navy equivalent of the raf regiment :twisted:
Knowing bootnecks they're probably made by Animal, quicksilver or Kangaroo Poo, we all know they love their surf dude image.


Passed-over_Loggie said:
Is it the boonie hats at a jaunty rake that give them the Septic look?

For a time, the booties were on the Land ORBAT. Has Fleet got all of them back now?
They were never part of LAND. They were "loaned" by FLEET (to coin a phrase) for the operational plot so that they took their share of liason with good old Jerry and Martin's boys.


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