what are the implications of a solution to palestine

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by welldonethengas, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. what geopolitcal reasons for prolonging the conflictin palestine are there? who benefits from the conflict ? which nations? which industries ? which "movements" ? who stands to lose out if peace breaks out ?
  2. The Arms industry will lose out, legal or otherwise.

  3. who's ? america, russia ? what will the effects on the economy of these countries be ? how big and powerful are there arms lobbies?

    what will happen to all the arab organizations that use palestine as an excuse for violence?

    who supported the palestinian quest for a state before israel was formed , Actually ,was there a palestinian quest for statehood before israel was formed?

    what do the arab nations surounding them gain from the continuation of the conflict
  4. such a lot of questions, welldone. You writing a thesis for college and too lazy to do some research on your own? Some of the answers to your queries are bloody obvious if you stopped and thouight for a moment ;d'uh!

    as for the big question...peace in Palestine will bring Israel closer to extinction...
  5. All of them, regardless of country of origin.

  6. A few of the neighbouring Arab gvernments would totter, because they use the conflict to keep their people angry wit Israel rather than angry with their own regimes. The Palestine conflict in itself is not geopolitically significant - after all, there's no oil, diamonds or centres of industry there. It matters because all kinds of outside actors project great importance onto it: The Israelis, the Americans, the American Jewish lobby, the Arab states, Al-Qaida, the European Left etc. That is really what prolongs the conflict.
  7. Oh I expect this is the international Zionist conspiracy theory popping up its distasteful features again...tin-foil helmets anybody?
  8. The Palestine solution should be well mixed and applied to the affected area for a minimum of 10 years, after which if the swelling has not subsided it may be necessary to reconsider traumatic amputation.
  9. Realistically not really:
    A few boxes of 7.62, 5.56 and the odd RPG7 round here or there isn't going to have much impact on the share price of IMI et all and most of the actual weaponry used there is so far beyond the end user mentioned on the original paperwork that makes no odds.

    If you want to known the future you must explore the past:

    This current shindig has it's roots way back in the 1920's when a number of countries got together to argue the toss about a large are of sand, rock
    and flies stretching from the Litani river to Syria and the sea. Despite GB having won this fair and square by treating the locals very roughly the League of Nations stuck their collective oar in and decided to issue a mandate facilitating the immigration of Jews. We were governing the place at the time and receiving al lot of grief for our troubles from the ungrateful 'wogs' .

    The War made things worse and things got very nasty for the Army, who had their hands tied by red tape when it came to handing out the necessary.
    At the end of the War for reasons known only to the powers that be at the time we tried to prevent the dispossessed Jews of Europe from pitching camp in an area that was meant to be their homeland. This was something of a cock up and eventually the UN took over the whole mess.

    The UN fed up with the Arabs and Jews knocking the stuffing out of each other were about to declared partition between the two. At the same time (1948) the State of Israel was created the Arabs (the whole lot of them: Iraq, Syria, Jordan etc.) kicked up and attacked Israel.

    This led to a UN brokered ceasefire and the allocation of 'Palestine' - to the victors the spoils. Gaza went to Egypt and the West Bank of the Jordan River got 'taken back' by Jordan.

    Palestine had ceased to exist but was still referred to by various politicals
    including the PLO but in 'Promised Land' terms rather than anything tangible. They eventually decided in 1988 after much in fighting with the Arab League claimed that a separate state of Palestine, governed from Jerusalem should exist and made it so.

    Unfortunately neither the UN nor Israel accepted this, Result: more years of aggro and fighting until once the Cold War had died off other countries stepped in and persuaded both parties (PLO + Israel) to recognize each other's legitimacy. In 1996 both parties were told to play nicely and not argue over The West Bank nor Gaza for a period of no more than 5 years.
    This Oslo peace initiative very nearly settled the whole thing.

    Unfortunately neither side played by the rules, they blamed each other and ended up with an Intafada - un uprising- rockets fired at Israel, general naughtiness on the part of the IDF, and the worlds press pouring in to be shot at, squashed by M4s, gassed and captured.

    In short no-one is trying to keep the thing going. The 'Palestine' conflict feeds on the natural animosities between Jews and Arabs. There is nothing to be gained by this row other than to promote the hate pedalled by few delirious, foaming fundamentalists on both sides.

    Who knows? maybe the good old Brits had the right idea when they tried to prevent the 1946 exodus to Palestine........

    That pre-trip briefing last time out was not a wasted 2 hours.
  10. Ba-athist Arabs, led by Nasser, who wanted to create a pan arab state across the Middle East formulated the policy of keeping the palestinians in refugee camps so that their greivances would be maintained.
  11. That was before the Oslo agreement and the subsequent few years of calm. Things went tits up again and the blame for the ultimate failure of this mandate can be levied at Jews and Arbs in equal portions .

    Historically if the Jews had not killed Lord Moyne in '44, Churchill would not have decided to put the boot into the exodus mob. The fact that they (GB) did not particularly want to upset the Arabs (Egyptians) at the time is also a factor.
  12. Nasser never lead the Ba'athists, nor was he one himself.
    Secondly it was the Arab League not Nasser who collectively ordered that Arab states not grant Palestinian refugees citizenship of their respective states.

    Edited for clarity.

  13. I agree with this assessment. Unity over hatred of Israel is really what's keeping many of these countries together. I truly believe that's why Iran is so keen on it.
  14. You do mean Palestinian?

    on another note, at this historical stage of the game Palestine was geographically a slightly different place than it is today.
  15. Its most definatly friday.......i realy should get into the bulk supply of tinfoil