What are the Guardian suggesting about Fox?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dumb1, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Shirt lifter?
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  3. I'm afraid The Grun is more than a little disappointed at the failure of the summer's various "uprisings" and the phone hacking scandal to bring down the government. They appear to be resorting to homophobia and anything else they can think of to try to discredit the Tories. (Stand by for an exclusive about Dave personally hacking Maddie's voice mail).

    I'm reminded of the incident when Tory MP Louise Mench got a call stating that evidence of youthful coke snorting had been uncovered and that the story would run the next day. She replied publicly by stating that although she couldn't remember the incident, it was highly probable that she had taken drugs and had a great time doing it.

    Fox should follow the same approach and send the Guardian naked photos of himself in unholy union with another bloke. He should do this even if he has to Photoshop his own face onto some gay porn.

    As Guido Fawkes said in his blog. The Guardian is losing £10 million a year. It's effectively a vanity publication for people who object to capitalism. It hasn't got long left so enjoy the hypocrisy, bizarre job ads and self righteous fuckwittery from Polly & Co while you still can.
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  4. What are the Guardian suggesting? ALL OF YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!
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  5. Iron?
  6. At least Profumo didn't take HIS bitch to the office.
  7. Wasn't there some smear about Fox sharing a twin room with this guy while the election was on?

    It's a twin room and he's a mate ffs. During basic, I shared a dorm room with 30-odd other guys, none of whom I knew when I first got there. The most personal I got with any of them was tying their bow ties for them before a Mess Dinner.
  8. Guardian? Homophobic?

    Get real.
  9. Shame really, I'd have been up her like a rat up a drainpipe!


    Christine Keeler for those still in nappies......
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  10. "Real" might entail that those who've posted thus far draw attention to the reality that the "mate" was the sole employee of the "Charity" of which Fox was chairman, which charity has just been deprived of its charitable status by the charity commission for failing to meet even ONE of its stated aims. Several other members of the charity's board have recently quit. The charity's declared aim was to "increase links with American military thinkers"... which makes it sound a LOT more like a political "think tank" (and thus totally unqualified for charitable status) than a true charity. And the "mate" carries around business cards declaring himself to be "Liam Fox's official advisor". Again, not a widely accepted reason for getting a charitable status and associated tax exemption. Fox has relied on long standing links with the Thatcherite wing of the party to protect him from Call-me-Dave, who obviously doesn't like Dr Fox, but can't just ignore him.

    Fox is a local MP to me, as a result I've had contact with him. He's a twat, who expresses ill-informed opinions as if they were facts, all the while beaming smugly.
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  11. Which, if it is all entirely true, still places him several leagues above my local MP: Maj(ret) Joyce of much discussion in this parish.
  12. No politician who goes about calling himself 'Dr.' is to be trusted. Dr. Paisley, Dr. Kissinger etc.
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  13. Dr. Fox? Has he given up the radio?
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  14. Edited to present a sadly unlikely prospect.