What are the financial ups and downs of medical discharge?

I am permanently downgraded and have been offered the option of medical discharge. The thing is, am I better off taking it or staying in? I would like to stay in but I have to think of the long term. I have been told there are tables that give a rough financial estimate but have never got my hands on it?
A huge amount depends on why you are being discharged and what the cause of the injury that you suffered was, ie attributable or unattributal.

Look on the Army site and read the pamphlets on the new Compensation scheme which came in effect 6 Apr 05. Also see your RAO and IERO.
Think about it this way. You can get out and start again and have a pension coming in or slog it out and do all of the crappy army things until your time runs out. Then have to start again anyway.
IMHO get out now and crack on with doing your real life. Having been in the situation myself, the longer you hang around the harder it gets to start again. You will get pension and maybe a payout depending on your circs, but that lot aside, you get an early stab at getting it right second time around.


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