What ARE the CMSR "input" phys tests now?

Curious - Is it still sit-ups/press-ups/1.5m or things like carrying a small kitten 150m as with the modern RSC?

Many thanks.
You'd be right in thinking things have changed, now it goes somthing like this:

25kg lift onto platform same height as the back of a daf.

50m Jerry can carry (1 in each hand)

800m warm up (5mins)

mile and half in under 12mins 45 sec.

believe it or not, this is the input AND output standard.

With that said, despite these low standards, recruits in general are still passing out with a good standard of fitness - though some of this is no doubt thanks to the 'corridor olympics' and various other forms of 'Additional related training' issued out by the troop staff.
Thanks a lot Tech_Genius - my niece is going to Winchester tomorrow and the physical standards looked strange to me - as they still do with your list. They are strength tests... not endurance. Can't see how anyone could fail the jerry can carry...

I hear Winchester is verging on the pleasant (relatively) now and with this 14 week scheme (???), I hope, frankly, she has a not-too-easy-time-but-a-lot-easier-than-I-had-it-because-she's-my-niece-and-not-some-gwar.
My god, that seems a lot less daunting to me as well. Can anyone actually tell me the required 1.5mile run time to get into the army. AFC Harrogate, specifically, if it matters. I have been told everything from 7.5mins to 14mins.
just aim for 12 mins and your pretty much sorted. Anything more and its a bit shakey.

They say that 14 mins is the minimum officially, but if thats what your getting then GET UP AND GO RUNNING!
As 'Savagebyname' says, 14 mins is the official time but i can honestly say (as a phase 1 instructor) that the group average time is around 10mins. The faster recruits run 8.30 where as the slow ones run around 11.00 - 1130. The problem with been in the bottom third is that straight away you will highlight yourself as a fitness risk to the troop staff. This then means they are going to be in your face everytime you go on P.T. (You will have enough on your plate without this!).

You really should be aiming for under 10.30 if your above this then you will struggle with P.T. throughout Basic Training. 10.30 is the time you will be required to acheive once you passed out into the field Army.

Remember it's all about making life as easy as possible for yourself -

7P's - Prior Planning and Preperation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance.
be aware that with the new 14 week programme boot runs have now been introduced, first one in week 5 , lots more assult course lessons , and all recruits do a BPFT in week 14 pass time 10.30 males regardless of age , so whilst fizz is definitly now progressive , the end product has to be achieved.

reason i know, im a section commander in the ist platoon at atr(p) to do the new 14 week programme and we are mid way through week 5.
the physical input tests are:

1.5 mile run
cadence sit ups (up to one minute 45 seconds, dependant upon regiment)
jerry can walk (again, depends on the regiment - max of 120m in 1m20s)
ammo box lift to a height of 1.45 m (up to 35kg)

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