What are the chances of that happening?

I’m posting this not because it has any particular relevance to the military, but because I think it has an irony that might appeal to one or two people.

Mrs Jim manages a number of projects aimed at reducing youth offending. It’s highly successful, although not 100 percent. As part of the process – but only part, there are lots of other facets to it – the young people are offered opportunities to take part in a range of activities; some sports, some music-based, etc. etc. One such activity is boxing.

Last night was boxing night but some of the lads opted instead to go to a different activity, a visit from the police armed response unit. Apparently they do a really good job of talking young people out of going down the ‘tooled up’ route and they have a reputation for being entertaining as well.

Anyway, part way through the visit the police unit was called away to a nearby shooting incident.

At the boxing club the lads would have been at.

Some people had burst in looking for a particular individual and chased him around the building loosing off shots. (He wasn’t killed by the way, just shaken up.)

I just find this a remarkable coincidence.


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Nice weather today wasn't it?
Sounds like an inside job. How else would somebody have access to firearms and know that the police would be busy somewhere else? Further evidence is provided by the information that the would-be victim wasn't harmed, so the assailants must have been rotten shots.

Yes, definitely a case of the police trying to find a way round the recommendations not to jail criminals.

If you need further proof, find some footprints. If they're bigger than size 11.....

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