What are the chances of getting compulsory mobolized?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by weez_heez, Oct 18, 2005.

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  1. Ok, I havn't even had a interview with my local TA yet but I am kinda worried about the idea of mobolisation. I'm a 18 year old student and at University. Of course, I'm not intent on never being mobolized as there would be no point in joining the TA in the first place if that was the case, but what are the chances of me getting mobolized in my first 1-4 years in the TA?

    Are mobilisations now completely voluntary or are some still compulsory? I'm kinda worried as I would really prefer to get my degree at Uni (takes 4-5 years) before ever having to go to war of any kind.
  2. Wait until you finish Uni then, it's not rocket science.

    DO NOT waste the taxpayers (or the unit unlucky enough to take you on) time and money joining up if you are trying to look for a war dodge before you even put the uniform on.
  3. expect to be mobilised from the outset mate. or put on a different uniform

    i had some lads with me on Telic 2 who had only done CIC a few months before receiving their papers
  4. As a rule you wont be subject to compulsory mobilisation until you’ve finished your degree.

    Join up and don’t worry about it, the government wont interfere with your education.
  5. me to, and for the record they have both left now
  6. Don't wait!!!!! Join now.....

    Most of the time you won't be mobilised if in full time eductation still...

    Also the chances of being called up depends greatly on cap badge... i.e. inf. would stand a better chance than Sigs NC Rad Op.....

    Do it, it's great!!!!

  7. Firstly as mentioned you can't be mobilised whilst at university

    Secondly depending on which corps/arm etc your joining, you may not even complete your basic training during your years in education (i.e. In signals you may struggle to do the two weeks trade training as they tend to be in term time).
  8. Ok, thanks for the advice, I thought my dreams were slowly going down the drain earlier on. I'll see my TA interview tonight so I'll definately ask them for sure then. Oh, and I'm joining the Inf so the chances are greater that I will be called up heh... but anyway.
  9. If your worried.... why join Inf?
  10. ^because he can't wait to stag on for 6 months guarding a Bde HQ?
  11. 'I'm not intent on never being mobolized'

    Hmm, your gut instinct is the one to go with. Finish your degree. With the grasp of the English language you clearly have, anything other than an academic career would be a waste.

    And, the next time you pass a recruiting stand/Army careers office etc, do us all a favour and keep walking.

    Was it the thought of the laydees seeing you in uniform? Making mummy proud of her little soldier? Was for me. Oh, that and serving my country.

    Let the slagging begin......
  12. Daddy you’re a first class tw@t.
    I hope you don’t speak to your potential recruits like that, you’ll end up with an empty drill hall if you do.
    Weez is concerned with being called up while he’s studying for his degree, not with being called up in general.
    It is far more important for Weez complete his education than for him to spend six months staging on. The Army recognises this and that is why students in the TA don’t get called up.
  13. They can't make you go if you are in Uni, Nor if you got good excuse or if you are officers. But you will get look down by you mates. So it is up to you.
  14. look on the bright side in 4 years time will have a well trained jnco ready to do 6 months to pay off his debt :) .
    The ta does get moblised but it needs new recruits all the time and students make good stabs .
  15. Latest MCM newsletter states:

    The mobilisation of reservists for all operations is now based upon the reservist being “willing” to be called out and that the agreement of both the reservist and his/her employer is required before a Call Out Notice can be sent.