What are the Aptitude tests at Main Board?

I have heard conflicting answers on this from different people so if anyone knows can they list the aptitude tests please?
Are the tests that candidates sat at AOSB Briefing re-sat or do the results carry forward?
Apparently there is a personality one now which should be interesting.
MAP (mental aptitude profiling) tests
Memory/retention test
Personality test

You spend the most part of day 1 doing all these tests, they are more challenging than at the briefing, get studying!
I'm sure the Briefing results do carry forward in that they contribute to your scoring, but undoubtedly the Main Board tests carry far more weight. Like Maoam says, they are considerably more challenging and you will be well and truly fed up of staring at a screen by the end of the day.


They're really not that bad, there are some pretty dense officers out there who passed these things so I wouldn't be too worried. Getting your phys up is a better idea! They're almost identical to the same bullshit ones that prospective medical students have to do: the UKCAT. Get the book "How to pass the UKCAT" and there are hundreds of the bloody things in there.

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