What are the AGC going to do for commissions this year?

Now that the RAMC are only going to LE commission from their own ranks!

2007DIN02-111 para 3 Eligibility

"Currently Serving in the AMS and a Sub rank of WO2 or WO1 on date of application"

So much for this years easy option!


Didn't know that there were that many from the AGC who commissioned into the Scablifters. I thought that you only recruited more from other areas as your WOs were not up to scratch. Your management obviously felt the same way as it was they who did the sift.

I reckon that they've been told by the MoD to change their ways as so many RAMC WOs have whined about it. You (collectively) have even raised the question a few times on your own forum as to whether your WOs were up to the mark.

I could see why other badges see you as the easy option though, which in itself raises questions about the ability of your WOs. If you are the easy option....why weren't your WOs getting commissioned?

Only you have the answers.
You havent heard true whinging and moaning unless youve sat in on an AMS WOs convention, 'why do we let other capbadges blah blah blah', personnally the RAMC can commission who they like, the RAMC has always been seen as a soft touch for commissioning into as it was all down to a couple of interviews and not any kind of 3 day event that alot of Corps and Regts have.
I have no aspirations to an LE MSO slot as I am not a CMT, when my time is up Im off to do more important techie type stuff, but to those who wish to continue to serve the Corps that theyve already given 20 years ++ to, it must be a real kick in the teeth to have people who cant get commissioned in their own mob coming across and in many cases doing a bloody awful job as a RAMC officer.

Why arent RAMC WOs getting commissioned? usually because of their knowledge of the wider Army, where as other applicants are spot on about that subject but are completely hoop about the RAMC.

Good luck to all who apply for their commissions in whatever Corps or Regts, if its what you want to do then go for it. Why would anyone from outside of the RAMC want to commission into it? Are they that desparate just to become an officer?
In the AMS Forum SKID986 said:
Entirely agree with the concerns about 'watering down' of the Corps by allowing so many retreads to commission into AMS. Yes - they go through the same selection process as RAMC candidates in a fair competition for the same vacancies. There can be no argument (although there inevitably is) that those selected are the highest calibre candidates presented to the board irrespective of cap-badge. That a high proportion of candidates from outside the AMS get selected is a simple matter of statistics.

However, the resultant lack of corporate knowledge that exists amongst the MSO cadre as a consequence is a disservice to the AMS and has been a shortsighted strategy by those who devise the selection criteria. The best team is not the team with the best individual players, but the one that has the best understanding of how the team functions and can carry that team ethos onto the field of play.

It is wholly appropriate to ringfence a proportion of MSO commissions to candidates from the AMS. It could be argued that this year's policy of making that proportion 100% is a swing too far in the opposite direction as it removes the opportunity for very good candidates, who could enhance the Corps, coming from other cap-badges. However, maybe this is a 'loss-leader' to enable some catch-up to be achieved following recent years and future years will see a proportion of MSO vacancies being opened up to other cap-badges again?
Filbert Fox said:
Are they that desparate just to become an officer?
Yes, some if not many see it as a right.

Don't worry all you need is a downturn in the economy for more DEs and the problem will be solved.


I can understand why people get resentful about others encroaching (or being percieved to do so) on their turf, but there's no getting away from the question why were the AMS going elsewhere to get their LEs? If the offer is there, others will take their chances. I think I've heard the same from SPS. Funnily enough, it was always my belief that SPS were the easy option. We had two go that way only to 'return' because the system alowed them to. Both were complete knobs and no-one was ever in any doubt that they wouldn't have been commissioned had they applied for RMP. If there are loopholes, people will go through them I suppose. We had two apply for RAMC, one was a top lad and the other was a little fat gobsh*te. The good lad got it, so your selection process looks like it works.

I agree with Western that there are those who see it as a God given right. The little fat fella I mentioned, was desperate for one and as the time got nearer, he knew he just wasn't going to gt commissioned into RMP as his history was well known. I think there was, if my memory serves me, a rumour around that time that RAMC was taking all comers, so he pulled out from RMP. He even had the audacity to bad mouth the other lad (a quality soldier BTW) during the build up towrads the interviews. Don't you just love it when arresholes trip themselves up eh?

AS for the three day event, well what does that prove? I've spoken to loads of people who've done it and they all say the same thing (that includes those who were commissioned), that guys in their late 30s and early 40s are prepared to jump though hoops to get a nod from some bloke in his early 30s. It doesn't prove anything. The PM knows who he wants commissioning and who he doesn't and you could pass the 3 day event and not get commissioned where blokes who did the exact opposite, got commissioned. I've heard it from the horses mouth and when I asked why they got go all the bother it simply cam down to 'It's what the AG says will happen'. The 3 day event serves no other purpose than to humiliate otherwise professional soldiers. If they know who they want to commission, why don't they just pull him in. Save money, time and effort and recive the same end result? Please feel free to fault my theory. I think that the RAMC way is better. At least you'll be interviewed by people who you will work for? What does a clerk know about teaching or policing and vice versa? Not that this is ever taken into consideration as they know who they will take before the three day event is held....a waste of tax payers money and a pretty rotten thing to do to blokes who were never getting commissioned in the first place. They should put these people out of thier misery early on, so that they can concentrate on being effective WOs. How much do these farces cost?
Biscuits_AB said:
The 3 day event serves no other purpose than to humiliate otherwise professional soldiers.
which is why they go for the easy 2 interview option. The AMS is going down the 2-3 day event route now as well.
Biscuits_AB said:
The 3 day event serves no other purpose than to humiliate otherwise professional soldiers.
which is why they go for the easy 2 interview option (1 x filter & 1 x actual). The AMS is going down the 2-3 day event route now as well.


What are the AGC going to do for commissions this year?

Yes, good question...... Make blokes into Officers i think :? :?

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