What are REME doing with a gay tank?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. I have just seen the photo in the gallery of the gayest tank in NATO. Why the f~ck have REME got a pink tank in Borden?
  2. And why have so many of the 'men' in that picture got man tits?

    Maybe thats why the tank is pink!
  3. it was painted pink years ago. the SAS thought it looked good and painted their rovers pink.it'll soon catch on, probably.
  4. It’s a new defence strategy.
    No one’s going to feel threatened by a gay tank therefore no one’s going to attack a gay tank.
    It’ll soon catch on throughout the army, trust me I’m a doctor.
  5. They were the finalists of the B0rden Pie Eating Contest
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ho hum, I'll explain again, typing slowly for those who don't read very good.....

    They are Recovery Mechanics.

    They eat pies for a living.

    They don't run anywhere. Ever.

    Body mass is a postitive advantage here, and I encourage all RMs to enter pie-eating contests whenever possible. Racing snakes who can't lift a Hernia Bar are no use here.

    And the tank is not only gay, it's Arrse-Tie-Pink Gay :D
  7. They can't be real Messy Rechs as,

    a: No real RM would be seen dead clutching a rifle, its a pistol or spoon (racing type for the pies)

    b: They are all too skinny, which leads me to believe they must be cl3/2

    c: There are no alu mugs hanging from the trouser map pocket button.

    d: Not a pair of DPM coveralls in sight.

    :lol: :lol:
  8. If the SAS had Pink Panthers then the REME tank must be a Pink Elephant! :wink:
  9. If you think the tank is gay, you should see it’s driver
  10. It wouldn't be the first pink tank at SEME Bordon.

    If you remember the Centurion ARV that was on the gate, you may or may not know that it was painted pink too. In the days when that end of the old RHQ building was C and D coy officers on the ground floor and RHQ upstairs (pre 95 basically) the Cent Arv got painted pink.

    There was a young WRAC 2Lt whose office view consisted of the left hand side of the ARV and nothing else. So one Saturday night, aided by a couple of G&Ts she decided to paint her side of the ARV a nice shade of pink. Her plan was excellent in it planning and execution, nobody saw her do it and you couldn't see the pink from outside the camp. There was however one little flaw...

    Remember I said RHQ was upstairs? Well, her office just happened to be underneath the COs, so if she could stare out of her window at a brightly-coloured tank, then he could look down on one!!!

    Suffice to say it was gloss green again by the end of the Monday, but little bit of pink continued to peek through for years after.
  11. And she got a sh1t load of extras for her troubles!!! (52 if I remember correctly)
  12. Aye, and she dined out on it for years.....good shag though ;)