What are peoples opinions on non-issue webbing?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Fluffy_Wibble, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Having read a couple of threads on people purchasing their own webbing i wanted to find out what people thought about the various third-party variations out there and have posted some link to the various sites selling them to try and see what people think is the best option...
    What do you think?

    Kit Monster - Vanguard



    Dragon Supplies - Airborne

    What do you think is the best set, why, are the sellers reliable and do you think people should just stay with the PLCE issue stuff?
  2. The issue stuff is fine* - it does what it needs to do and you get to save £100+ why pay for shoite when you get some pretty good rig issued now.

    * The odd adjustment with the odd bit here and there ain't an issue but why pay for virtually identical items that you can't swap at Man @ Q&Ms when they get trashed/lost?
  3. Because if you are a loggie you tend to get issued one ammo pouch, one water bottle pouch and one utility pouch. So sometimes the extra space is needed.
    Quick release clips and velcro fastenings on the shop bought stuff are also pretty handy.
  4. If your gonna spend a lot of time in vehicles, get a chest rig.
  5. These are the one thing I'd like to have on webbing, I cannot remember the amount of times I've suffered from penis fingers trying to faster the buggers back up.

  6. So, in your opinion all of those makers mentioned produce shite do they?
  7. When I say shoite I mean stuff, kit in general.
  8. I got Dragon to attach velcro fastenings to my ammo pouches and QRs to my utlility / water bottles.

    best of both worlds, you might say. good quality pouches with better fasteners, but less cost incurred.
  9. The dixies corner stuff, looks webtex- esque in the photos! I believe they flog the dixies corner stuff in the PRI at derring lines, if so i wasnt to impressed by the quality up close either! I've seen the jay jays stuff in the shop and it looks good quality and they'll make up a rig using issue pouches to your spec
  10. If you are worried about whether the material is good enough or want one of these 'all-in-one' jobs made with issued pouches, then why not just go with regular PLCE issued pouches as normal? That way at least you can swap pouches if needed, or exchange an individual pouch for a new one if something breaks on it - something you won't be able to do with an all-in-one set whether made up from issued pouches or not.

    I know it can be a bit of a bugger but if you spend an hour sorting it out properly, and use a bungee, you can get it pretty damn stable and squared away.
  11. good points. wouldn't it be a PITA to have a set of webbing go U.S because a clip on one pouch breaks?

    and yes, issue webbing is completely fine if you spend a while on it. it's problem'd by people who think you can chuck it all on the belt, wear it, and get first-time perfection.
    being on a Rebro gives you plenty of opportunity for this kind of thing!
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    In the 80's non issue was practically required to get everything in your pouches to fight Ivan - or at least have polished boots whilst you did so. I'm please the PLCE sorted out most of it but it looks like there is still a distance to go for those of us too old/fat/lazy to tab everywhere and instead like to sit in the cab of a wagon and so for that reason, I'd happily shell out for a COP/Chest rig today see me through a vehicle based tour.
  13. The more expensive the better, and the more "ally" it looks the better, sod whether it works or not!

    Allyness saves lives!

    Truthfully, I own a set of airborne dragon supply stuff and its good, except for tabbing/walking/driving, erm ok its shoite!

    The best kit I have is an old NI chest rig that I bought in 1996 for a fiver, blokes on PDT were desperate to get one and it worked fine. When i got to theatre all i added to my osprey was some Blackhawk ammunition pouches and a commanders pouch (the one with the pen holders and the velcro) as the osprey ones were not brilliant. That and a decent day sack served me fine.

    Dont just buy anything though, one of the funniest things ive ever seen was an FAC trying to run with double ammo pouches strapped to his legs!
  14. Dump pouches good idea or airsoft madness?
    The sewn together webbing looks good but what happens when one pouch
    dies ?
  15. A dump-pouch sounds sensible to me, especially as the Brecon-pouch (ie down the smock) isn't an option when in Osprey. I've bought one at the weekend and will give it a try.Similarly, I'm waiting on a velcro'n pop-stud ammo pouch. Again, seems like a good idea and other people swear by them, but if they're no good, I'll ebay em and at least get my money back.

    I've ummed and ahhed about a sewn together set for the same reason as you. Apart from the bits above, I've stuck to issue stuff but spent the time and effort on setting it up. It no longer 'beats me like a cheap steak' as I run nor attempts to escape piece by piece during section attacks.
    (How the DS laughed...)