What are our allies views

American troops have been dealing with that sort of thing since Vietnam. We're used to it. My old unit used to be in Santa Cruz, which is about as anti-war as they come.

Suffice to say that responses on American web board vary from similar outrage on right-wing or pro military sites through support for the muslim on other, anti-military or far left-wing sites.

It's outrageous that it happened, I still dont understand why Wounded could not at least have a Guarded Ward if the have to be in a Civvie Hospital.

Wouldnt a criminal requireing treatment be guarded while there? Could Not a Sentry keep these Vermin from accosting Your Soldiers?

It's things like this that make me happy that at least Myself & my mates didnt have to worry about this while Hospitalized.I do hope the Para is recovering well.
I'm sure it's all the fault of US friendly fire or maybe US inbrededness (I just made that word up) and certainly the fault of George Bush. Is that good enough?

In all seriousness, I'm sorry to see a soldier have to go through that.

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