What are my rights if any ?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Taff2493, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. I served with The Royal Artillery from 1994 to 1999, whilst on a regimental exercise in Denmark in 1997, I sustained a serious injury to my right knee, at the time whilst on exercise I was examined by the regimental Medical Officer and she instructed my Troop Sargent Major that I needed medical treatment there and then, and that I should also be sent to Princess Alexandra's Hospital in London for further treatment.
    Not only was I not given anything more than anti inflammatory and pain killers, but after spending the remainder of the exercise (4 Days) in the back of my TSM’s land rover, upon my return to the UK I was still lead to believe that I would still received medical treatment, instead I was signed off by the regiment for several months due to being unfit for duties, My regiment at that time was 104 Regiment Royal Artillery, I received no monies from them whilst signed off and later I was told by the same TSM that I was not entitled to any medical treatment either.

    From that point on, I have been suffering from my knee condition even though I have had a surgical procedure carried out on my knee which has not improved my condition, which has now after several years lead to other conditions I am now suffering from, including a hip condition and lower back pain, which my GP has told me is a knock on effect from my knee condition. In 2006 I instigated a claim with the Veterans Agency, and after several months I was awarded a gratuitous payment, as stated my condition has still continued to deter ate. Whilst my initial claim in 2006 was on going, I contacted the office of manning and Records in Glasgow for a copy of all my med doc’s and recently when I had to attend a medical board review, I discovered that there was no trace of the original accident that occurred in Denmark contained within the copies, I feel that my regiment failed in their duty of care and failed to make any kind of accident report regarding my injuries, hence why the veterans agency obviously had problems locating the accident in question.

    If anyone has any advise or guidence It would be very much appreciated.

    Hi again, just posting to update my inital thread to date April 2011, I have now been through the mill with the veterans agency so to speak, I have been tested by there medical board and at that time the MO stated there was nothing wrong lmfao, since then I have had an MRI scan which has confirmed that Iam in need of knee replacements, so now I am going for a tribunal against their discission as my consultant has blown everything they stated out of the window. Just one other point that came to light, when I finished in 1999 from the reg's my records show I was still on my TA regiments books until 31/03/2000, which meant I should have been entitled to my bounty, I was never paid my final year bounty, so just for the hell of it, would and could I be entiled to claim it now ?
  2. So you're saying you were not being paid, whilst you were off on sick leave? I find that difficult to believe but stranger things have happened. As you have already received a sum of money, it seems to me liability has already been accepted by the MOD, I think your chances of a further payout though would be pretty slim. Have a word with the British Legion they are usually clued up on these matters.
  3. Thanks Fatboy69, I will contact them asap.
  4. Not entitled to pay while off sick and told by a SNCO that you don't need or are not entitled to medical treatment?

    Are you sure? Were you a regular soldier at the time?
  5. This seems a bit hard to swallow (that's what she said) I had my shoulder blade rolocated somewhere closer to the back of my head on an exercise, first thing that happened was I was drugged up by the nice medic, and sent to hospital with even lovelier nurses. I was given fantastic treatment and HM even paid for me to have some private clinic stuff as well as rehab. It still gives me jip, especially in the cold. I was told everything I needed if I wanted to make a claim. But as it was an accident and I was well looked after I have no grudge nor need for money.
    If an SNCO really told you that crap they should not be in that position.
  6. Hi all and thanks for the replies, firstly I was in 104 Reg RA (TA), and had only been serving at the time for just over 2 years, the TSM in question is still with that regiment and now is commissioned (Capt.), he was the main stumbling block of my career as he proved throughout my time, hence why I constantly enlisted in "S" type engagements to try and further my career, but things always seemed to have an involvement from that guy ! I even had my lance jacks course with 473 Bty 5 Reg and passed, I also had engagements with 40 Reg RA, 14 Reg and a stint with 20 Bty 22 Reg RA, not bad for a stab !When I tried to advance my medical treatment through 104, this TSM constantly put obstacles and barriers in the way. I don't want this to sound as though I am doing this as a personal grudge attack towards this person, this post is purely for me to finally try and get some help and assistance.
  7. Hi, I wonder if someone can help. I enlisted into the Army 1993 & was back squadded after 6.1/2 weeks after failing a fitness test on pullups although my 1.1/2 mile run was under 10mins.. Did 6 weeks of remedial training & when fit for training was told I would have to start again at week 1, so I DAOR'd (because I was fed up with training)which came back as UFAS with explorary conduct. I'm now 40 years old now & obviously will not join again but I've always wondered why they did this because I wasnt a bad recruit.
  8. You are a W a n k e r, why bother posting drivle like this?
  9. You were a TA soldier at the time so if unfit for your civvy work on return from Exercise you should have been paid by the TA until fit or medically discharged. Its common for TA soldiers to be fobbed off tho, 'cos that costs money ! While injured you would have been expected to get your medical treatment via the NHS. Did you see your own doctor immediately after return from Ex or was this years later ? Any records with NHS of the original injury ?
    Its probably all pointless tho - If MOD has already medical boarded you and paid out a lump sum I imagine that you have lost the ability to go hunting for more.