What are my options.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Monster, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if there is any one out there who can help me with advice but here goes. I have been in for about 4 years, i am in a specialist unit but normally end up doing around 50-60 days a year. The thing is i don't live on the mainland so i have to fly across when i have training. Now i am thinking of trying to change units but i am not sure what options i have, because of having to fly, i am pretty sure a independent unit is out. Any one out there come across this problem before or know what my options are.
  2. what is your trade/rank at the moment?
  3. Don't want to give to much away as i have not told any one in my unit that i am thinking of moving. My rank is pte and my trade is only useful to the unit i am currently in.
  4. Are there any independent units on your 'non-mainland' location?
  5. Difficult as most independent units are limited by their travel budget and tend to only recruit people from a limited local area.

    Officers and some SNCOs with specialist skills that are in short supply can sometimes get a waiver on this as particualr units are often short of officers etc. However I cant really see most units do it for a Private who is not even in a trade that is useful in their unit.

    When you get a bit more senior you could look at one of the regional units such as a brigade training team or OTC. I know one OTC (on the South Coast- work it out) that has two members of staff who travel from Jersey but one was a Capt and one a SNCO when they applied for any cap badge vacancies in the unit. However realistically they are somewhat limited in what units they could apply for vacancies in, by how they could get there on a Friday night and by the units ability to manage without them attending on Tuesday nights.

    Your best bet might be to look at other specialist units who recruit from the whole country and have a travel budget to support this. However the big issue will be how easy is it for you to get to wherever they train on a Friday night- even if they do have a large travel budget.

    You could also look at RAuxAF units some of which recruit on a nationwide basis.
  6. Lt pest no there are not any, wish there was.

    Armyair 221 i have been thinking a RAuxAF units but i can't see what units are nation wide on there website. Currently on a Friday night i leave work at 16.00 and normally at my unit by 19.30 and all paid for.
  7. four years and still a private - sounds to me you should change your job as well as your unit! As for being away from the mainland - where are you? Isle of Man? Isle of Lewis? NI? Isle of White? Jersey? France?
  8. The daddy your right promotion is a bit on the slow side where i am, but it is not actually 4 years until the end of this year and thats with basic. And to answer your other quastion i live in the CI.
  9. check your pms
  10. right i am new to this site have you thiught of joining the regs i did i was a stab for almost to years then i jioned the regs 11 years ago and i am loving it more or less
  11. Yes i have and it would be great, except it's a bit late for me wife, kids, and a mortgage.
  12. Not 100% on this but i seem to recall hearing that the RAF Police squadron at Henlow recruits nationally (if you want to be a copper that is).
    If you look on the raf reserves website (www.rafreserves.com) the contact details should be on there. You could always try calling/emailing some of the units.
    The more specialised units (600sqn, 7644sqn) are more likely to recruit from a bigger radius whereas the other units (RAF Regt etc) tend to recruit locally, around a 50 mile radius.
  13. I have heard that the RAFAUX at Brize are crying out for movers and you can fly to Bristol or Gloucester (Staverton) from CI.
  14. People do not always want to play the game, many see being a "bod" as more fun and the reason why they joined the TA in the first place.

    I know one bloke who is a 42 yr old pte who says he doesnt want all the admin and responsibility as he has enough of that in civvy life.