What are my chances of being accepted in to infantry, 21 with no work experience?

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Hi folks, sorry this has likely been posted before but kind of hard to find info out of 4000 threads :)

I'm male, 21 years old in December.

I have no work experience or qualifications, only a gcse grade C in Maths and a level 1 brickwork certificate.

I have a clean record. But have never worked and have been on jobseekers on and off since 18.
I have no medical problems i'm aware of.

Also i am not a social able person however i do my best to get along with people, i'm not in to sports other than strength training and will have a go at a few activities like boxing though you wouldn't see it in me. I'm not in to football or the latest music/tv shows etc so my peers tend not to like me because i'm boring, i know i won't be the only one like this but i'm guessing only 5% of army lads aren't in to the latest stuff so i'm guessing if i did even get an interview i'd struggle to make a good enough impression to make them think i won't end up a loner or getting bullied.

However i am average height and weight and judging by the fitness tests listed on the official army website i should pass them smoothly since i can do a bit more than the requirements.
I'm 5'9" and 150lbs. Don't look masculine in the face have a weak chin.

Also if you could please tell me how long the process takes to be at the barracks training and getting paid, i've applied for an info pack today and will send in application after i get it in 7-10 days.

Sorry for long writing.

Thanks for any help.
While I am no expert, I have just gone through the application process and have a start date for the Infantry in October.

You don't need to be an academic to get into the infantry. They will ask for your qualifications which will help them asses your suitability for any of the 200+ roles that are available, however not having good GCSES will not be a bar for Infantry. You will sit a BARB test which is what actually counts. Make sure you try hard for this as it counts towards your score at ADSC.

Go into the office with confidence, don't speak quietly and don't be shy. During the interview, they really don't go into your friendships (or lack of) very much, they might touch on if you are a sociable guy or not, but as long as you seem confident in your self, you will be fine.

At the end of the day, only the ACIO or AFCO will decide if you are suitable. Just go along and find out. As for the time period between first entering the office and getting a salary, it varies hugely. Some people can do it in a few months, for others it can take over a year. It depends on your score at ADSC and also how quickly the office processes everything along with your medical records. I would try and find a job to keep you busy while you apply, because contrary to popular belief, you are not in the army and earning a salary withing a week of walking into the office.

Because you have no work experience and have been on job seekers for a while, your motivation may be called into question. You really must seem certain and enthusiastic about joining. Tell them you hate not having a job and will try your utmost to succeed in the army etc.
Sorry, which paper did you say you worked for?
Don't worry about not being a team sports person, many in the army are not and prefer other pursuits like cycling, mountaineering, motorcycling etc. but what you must be able to do is get along with people, often in the most trying of circumstances and be able to accept a whole raft of personal traits. Just don't be a loner. You simply won't be able to handle it on both a professional and personal level.
I do have to question your 3 years of unemployment though. There are jobs-aplenty out there and the army can afford to pick and choose atm and would take more motivated people over yourself if there is a choice.
A weak chin you say? No academic qualifications? Forget the infantry, you'd be better off going for the AGC...

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to the OP, you wont know jack until another user says "go to your careers office" or you actually do it and go. they can asses and upon first contact will already be seeing if your suitable. you say your only into weights etc but you WILL have to run etc. and being sociable is from what i understand a big part of the life/career experience ( it was mentioned to me lots)

go see your recruiter
Roderick ! Can I suggest firstly a name change, and perhaps as an after thought you disinherit your parents. Now as to career choices toodle off to the careers office and talk to the man with the big stick and he will point you in the right direction.

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Please remember that you will be sharing a room with a bunch of other lads from all different backgrounds, different ages. How will you get on with someone from another part of the country, with different interests and views? If you rub people up the wrong way, there will be someone who will not be shy about adjusting your attitude, be he an instructor or a fellow recruit.

You can make a lot of good mates in the Army, and it's a good idea to get along with people.

Remember the Army is not just a job - it's a way of life.

Good luck.
He was eating soup, although now the keyboard is, robbo made good work of that,

Seriously pal go to the careers office and chat with them its the best place.

Best of luck

P.s there will be no west country slang from me
Ok I give what is a Weak Chin? Does it mean that it breaks when hit?
Do you have any sisters over 16 if so the rules are pictures must be posted.

On a normal note get your ass down to the your local recruting office before they are privatised.
Do not do your self down not having good grades at school is not every thing if and when you join you can do education and gain you o levels and more.
I joined with sod all qualification's and ended up with a degree mind you I'm still a thick retard.

If you really want it go for it it's not just infantry aim high and see what happens on the BARB test start practising your maths english etc it will help. You will have to get on with the lads though comradeship is one of the main things friendships forged will last you for years to come unless you are a total cock.

Any way enough of that what about your sister or mother perhaps if it is a brother a chap called Jarrod will help you out.
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