What are expected of women in selection?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by minie_ann, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Sorry if this has been asked already but, what is expected of woman during the selection process?

    Only reason I ask is mainly due to the pull ups.

    Are women expected to be able to do as many as men, and if we cant do that many do us women fail?

    Also, are we expected to carry the jerry cans the complete length without dropping them and again if we cant do we fail that test?

    I dont expect that women get off lightly, but was just wondering if they are slightly more lenient when it comes expecially to the pull ups?

    If you can help, please let me know.

    Cheers guys
  2. From what I saw at the pre-selection thing i went to everyone were expected to do the same length with the jerry cans, although the run time is slightly longer (14min i think ??)
  3. Jerry cans were same distance except for age ranges. Run times are only dependent on age and job choice.
  4. Pull ups are not really of much
    Importance. If you can do 4 then
    You have far more than passed that
  5. Thanks guys. So if I only manage to do say 2-3 then I will be ok you think? Havent got much upper body strength, so Im working on that a bit more as well as improving my 1.5 miles run time before I apply.

    By any chance would anyone know how many push ups a girl is supposed to be able to do in 2 mins, or should I say need do to in order not to fail that test, again, not much upper body strength.

    Cheers again, its nice to know that people are here to help.
  6. No sit ups or press ups are required untill basic
    Training. Thats for men anyway not sure about women
    I would really only concentrate on ADSC right now. Running and any tests
    You may have i.e math test. Also the back ext and lift can be hard
    But most people fail on team tasks (not being a team player)
  7. Back ext and lift? Ive been told that I need to do this, but honestly, im not too sure what it involves.

    Any advise to give me which I can do to help train for it?

    Cheers Lc63, your a credit to this forum.
  8. minie-ann

    I passed ADSC on Friday and we were tested on everything exactly the same as the lads, but they don't expect you to be as strong as them yet. You have to do heaves, but most of us couldn't even manage one - I think the most was only 2 so don't worry. You have to do the jerry can test - it's 150 metres but 100 metres is a pass (depending on your job choice - if you're going RE for instance, then you have to do the full 150).

    Also, you don't get tested on press ups or sit ups but you will be expected to do them in the PT session on your first evening there. My advice would be to practice, because you don't want to look like you're not putting any effort in!

    Don't worry too much, just try your hardest that's all they want
  9. Thanks footsteps, thats really helped put my mind at rest.

    I can do sit ups fine, my press ups are a little slower, but heaves are not my strong point.

    I have been practising walking with buckets of bricks/stones - anything that makes them heavy to see if I can improve how long I can hold them.

    By any chace, would you know the following?:-

    On the medical application where it asked if you suffer/have ever suffered with headaches for example, and you put yes (as in you have in the past) will they automotically refuse you, or will they still see you and then just ask about it in the medical for an explanation rather than just writing you off? You seem like a logical helpful person, so I thought I might ask.

    As for the jerrycans though - you definatly feel like your going to drop them but
  10. continuation.....

    I hang on for dear life. Hoping will improve with practise.

    Thanks for you help again footsteps.
  11. Well, I said that I suffered from headaches on my med form - I went to the docs to get signed off work for a week in Jan08. My GP just signed to say that was true, then when I was at ADSC the doc just asked if I'd had any since etc and I just explained it was probs due to bad lifestyle; no sleep, no exercise, alcohol etc. And I passed fine, they don't expect you to have been completely illness free!

    And to help me with the jerrycans thing, I bought some from amazon - I got 2 for like £10 including postage and I just practiced luggin the stupid things round every other day - helped me loads!
  12. The back extension, Its like a straight metal bar is placed
    to your chest with a strap which is strapped across your upper
    Body around the upper arms. The metal bar is attached to a vertical
    board which you must then push from your back pushing your mid
    section as hard as you can against the board pulling the metal bar back as
    Far as you can for around 5-6 seconds. 2 attempts best one is recorded.

    The jerry cans are pretty easy, Guy before me had sweaty hands not 40kgs
    In my opinion. I lifted 2 20KG weights at the gym for training.
  13. Thanks so much for your help.

    Just worried on the medical thing - Im hoping I dont get kicked out or deferred for something silly like headaches which I had 2 years ago.

    Think im slighly more paranoid because I want to get into the army so much that im worrying over every little thing that can trip me up.
  14. Not the only one. I applied in 05 and was deferred for an asthma inhaler my doc prescribed even tho it wasnt needed, now im applying again and about to get my medical documents filled in by the gp and my mind is coming out with worst case scenarios even though my health is fine. Stay positive hun :)
  15. dont take my word for it but i THINK a girl doing 1 heave counts for a boy doing 3-4

    thats what my recruiter said but i dont know the truth it in all!