what are "delayed ops"

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by lostnconfused, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. propper crow question , i overheard some boot neck talking about "delayed ops" it was in relation to trip flare's. just curious as to the details and came on here to ask to avoid the shame and embarrasment of asking any one face to face :D

    p.s not a "wah"
  2. The only delaying ops I know is where the main body of troops is conducting a withdrawal and certain sub units are left in the rear to delay the enemy.
  3. Sure, ops are delayed all the time (on the bus, off the bus) but probably what they referred to was "delaying" ops, selling land (slowly) for time iot allow your main force to get organised from a position of strength etc, the ultimate aim being to be able to get on the offence...
  4. Or delayed ops could be the result of the closure of military hospitals!! Pardon the satire!
  5. cheers thats cleared it up a , i suppose the enemy would delay a advance if they started going over trip flares , kinda common sense really i should have clicked on
  6. indeed
  7. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    You could also include Operation SEALION, which has been delayed for almost 70 years now.
  8. These traditionally occur as a result of the YO - map interface and have been a factor in war fighting/leadership (Columbus springs to mind) since the beginning of time.

    Clauswitz does not specifically mention this when he refers to ‘friction’ presumably to save the young Junkers blushes as I refuse to believe they were immune to this.
  9. They just renamed it "The Lisbon Treaty" :wink:
  10. It hasn't been delayed. It's just happening rather slowly but it's muslims and not Germans.