What an AMAZING Friday..!!

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by SOLO, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Been riding both RKH and DES.... what a ride today.

    Roll on Monday, DYOR but IMO I'd get a few quid down on them
  2. I dipped out with Rockhopper but I've got a few bobsworth of DES. Finger's crossed they have as much success as RKH with their next 4 wells.

    Edit: In case no one knows what Solo's on about, they are both Falkland Islands Oil companies, who's share prices have taken off today due to Rockhoppers successfull well results. Rest assured your efforts in the Falklands were not in vain.
  3. Right, in that case can I have a year of my life back please? Make it 1986/7 vintage if you'd be so kind
  4. sept 99-feb 00 S.W.A.M.P (south west atlantic millenium party) RAF SWO did a quick turn about after saying this is better than paying through the nose at home eh!!! err no i don't fcuking think so!
  5. Lets hope those carriers dont get canned!
  6. I've got DES & FOGL.

    Des are doing well considering they've found no oil, well yet anyway they've got 4 test wells soon.

    FOGL missed on the first well and are not faring well at the moment.
  7. Thing is DES found gas at pressures they couldn't handle and at above their Target Depth so decided to abandon the well. For some strange reason the press & market picked this up as a duster??? That was when I bought into DES. Fingers crossed for the best; I'll probably be topslicing a little soon, just to cover ass.

    Also Rockhopper's Sea lion test was hampered by the restricted test facilities they had on the rig; don't really know yet what the well is capable of.
  8. It was tested with the eqpt they had and results published, they realise that with more suitable eqpt the flow results will be better.

    FOGL's was a duster as far as I remember, but the first DES did find something.
  9. Another double figure rise on RKH, topped up on my DES and ARG.

    Great start to the week!!
  10. Two words spring to mind: Boiler and House.
  11. Muppet....
  12. I made a tidy little profit out of RKH too, whch was nice, but this was offset by SEY tanking yesterday FFS!!!

    Holding on tight with RKH as I expect the sp to rise further still, perhaps @ £7.00 -- hopefully this will even out my SEY disaster!
  13. RKH is doing well, DES will fly.