What am i required to do for acceptance in the RLC

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by WannabeRMP, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. What fitness tests/assesments am i required to do for acceptance into the RLC as i want to join the RLC as an ammo tech but do not know what i am required to do as in terms of how long do i get for my mile and half run?

    How many pull ups do i have to do properly?

    How many press ups and sit ups am i required to do and also how long do i get to do them?

    And what training would anyone suggest that i start doing in order to prepare me for the army, i know i have to do a lot of running of course but what else would anyone suggest me to do.

    I am sure it is already on here but i can not find it anywhere so sorry if this is just a repetaed question but could someone help me out please. thanks.
  2. I think the real question is - why are you called wannabeRMP if you're trying to get into Logistics? Did the monkeys f*ck you off?
  3. lol when i 1st joined this site i was all set at goin in the RMP then i spoke to a careers advisor at the army careers center and they basically talked me into joining a Techi job as it is better for when i go back in to being a Civi.

    I then looked at Aircraft tech and then they asked me what i wanted to get out of the army and what i wanted etc and they suggested that cus i want to travel and i also want to b able to do sports such as PL and Rugby then RLC as an Ammo Tech is better for me thats why lol!
  4. Lol :roll:

    Was it really that funny?
  5. no that lol went onto the wrong board sorry
  6. so anyone got any suggestions for me at all????
  7. Await incoming witty comments . :D
  8. Become a lesbian and put on 15 stone.
  9. Yh i know what people are and its ok as i have a good sense of humour but i do also want some serious tips on how to train in order to get ready to get in!
  10. Get your mum to take the elastic off your mitts and make sure your name is stitched into your underpants ???
  11. she said she was too busy doing yours at the minute to do mine!!!!!!
  12. I did that but then they said i was too much like your sister.
  13. Has no one got any serious advice to give me about how to get fit for the army and be able to complete the tests?
  14. someone is going to do this, so it may as well be me.

    I believe you need to do plenty of these,

  15. so no one going to give me some advice on what to do to start training for the amry????