What am i entitled to on posting?




does anybody know what i can claim for as I am due posting soon. I will need to hire a small van to move my kit to my new barracks. This would obviously incur charges on my part, also I will have to move my car to my new unit. I only have access to a civvy run MT at my current unit and every time I mention it they start teeth sucking and tell me I am not entitled to use the white fleet. is this correct. The MFO system is good if for non essential items but I have a lot of oversize, expensive equipment and white goods.

Cheers Armadillo
You should be able to take advantage of the Self help scheme mate, this allows you to hire a van and move your kit to your new unit WITHIN the same area i.e UK posting to UK posting, but not to overseas. The amount you claim is based on Rank and you MUST apply for the self help scheme BEFORE you go ahead and hire a van. Speak to your RAO for the application form, get it filled in and your QM dept should sign the application. Once authorised, hire the van, do the move, take receipts and authority to self help into Admin office, fill in another form, then bobs yer aunties.

You can also claim MMA at the PCr for your POSTING journey fron Unit one to Unit two. This is a seperate issue to moving your kit.

Have you got an Admin office where you are ?


Cheers Jockmod 69,

thank you for your advice, Alas Im currently attached to another service and my administration is run by another
(rather unhelpful UAO). This has taken a great weight of my shoulders I will take the advice given.


Armadillo. :)

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