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what albums do you actually like?

ok so everytime i buy an album i like about 2-3 songs on it and the rest to me are just crap. i have this problem with a lot of music apart from one band Killswitch engage. all of thier songs are awsome.

im a big rock and dubstep fan

so if anyone has any good albums to try please let me know
ahhh cool my dad used to force me to listen to pink floyd so i kinda hate them now, but the rest ill give a listen as i am quickly running out of good music
Setting Sons
Devision Bell
The Black Album
Cold Against the Soul
The wall
The Killers (first album)
War,,,,,,Ok Bono needs to be destroyed.
In reality I like Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Ska music and generally eighties stuff, New Order and the likes.
Fally, are you my Dad? you fcukin' must be! or am I yours?

Be carefull.....'Love will tear us apart'

Saturday night, phones on, volume up, laid on carpet, drink
at hand.......'Love, Love will tear..........aaaagh!!!
love this type of classic rock, better then the crap my old man used to listen to
Hey Gruff , we need to get a sticky sorted for us metal fans . what you reckon , with posters giving links and shit there's so much good shit out there at the moment ive not even heard of . Reference last nights driving songs thread we need our own sticky site .

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