What actually happens after Phase 2 training?

I'm hoping to join as a Design Engineer and was wondering what happens after Phase 2 training. Do I join a unit doing Design Engineer work or go on operational tour as a Comabt Engineer?
I think I am right in saying that all design trades need to drive so you will get your Cat B. It totally depends on when the next Design Trade Assessment is happening as to what happens next. If there it's going to be more than a month or so before the next assessment you will be posted to a unit as a SATT (Soldier Awaiting Trade Training). If it's not that long you will be posted to 1 RSME and placed in the holding troop (similar to TV troop but at Chatham.

If you go to your unit you might get put on a 432 or CVR(T) course and do your Bowman users course. The offical policy is that SATTs shouldn't just be used for guard and carp jobs but unfortuantly that's what happens a lot of the time. If you are lucky you might get to go in the Construction Supervision Cell and have a look at what the design trades in there do. What trade have you asked for? I assume, as you say Design Engineer, you mean Design Draughtsman. As a Class 2 DD you can design single storey buildings, as a Class One DD you can do up to three storeys. The key thing to remember is you can design. A fair few Class 2s have very little imagination and expect the Clk Wks to do everything for them, this is not the case.
They are the most popular choices, followed by Draughtmans E & M and Construction Materials Technician. None of the courses are particularly easy but I'd say DD and surveyor are the hardest two. Not trying to put you off, that's just the truth.

As your choices are the most popular you need to do well on the assessment to make sure you have a fair chance at getting what you want. Maths is one of the key subjects on the assessment, especially for surveyors. Revise trigonomtry as this is the bread and butter for surveying as everything comes down to triangles.

Edited to add you can not go on an operational tour as a SATT. It is Corps policy that you have to be a minimum of ME (Cbt) 3 and have passed the basic level of your trade, be that Class 3 or Class 2 dependant on trade.
Thanks for the reply, maybe you could answer these questions aswell. Assuming i pass selection and Phase 1 and 2, would i be able to apply for work with the Para Engineers if so, what do they actually do? And can you apply for clerk of works after doing para training or do you stay being a para egnineer. Basically, my plan in my head is to join as a design engineer, get selected for DD or SE at phase 2. Join my unit and join the para engineers to get some experience etc then apply for clerk of works and hopefully (i've got to have ambitions) to get late entry commission as a garrison engineer? Seem realistic?

P.s i'm looking at staying in for the long run, not just getting qualifications and running lol.
Totally realistic and achievable but it's not something that can simply be done over night. You are looking at being in at least 8 years or so before going on the Clk Wks course as I have written already. Doing P-Coy and going to 23 Engr Regt does not mean you will stay there all your career. Assuming of course that you pass P-Coy and your jumps your first posting at 23 Engr Regt will be for about 5 years. You wll then go to another unit. You will return there through out your career if that's what you want, it depends on what you put on your posting preference form.
What happens after Phase 2 training? In my case, you go AWOL and no one speaks to you for a year and a half ;)

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