What about this video eh?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by USMarineX, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. I sthis something that would be safe for me to open at work :?
  2. Yes it is, hope you're not on speaker though.

    Think splatter, only better.
  3. Where is it?

    Los Angeles or Washington?
  5. yeah, this one would be from you, wouldnt it? were you there? What was it like in colour?

  6. You say that with all the sweaty avidity of a purveyor of porn. Get you moist, did it?

    Go find yourself some kleenex. Very, very far away.
  7. Was that from an A10?
  8. Can we drop the PC shit and as soldiers, cheer on our comrades please?

    These people deserve to die and they were put out of their misery. What's so lurid about it?
  9. Apache. 30 mm. 310 rounds to 280 or so. Fantastic arc at around 2-3 km distance, so far the muj couldn't hear them. Targeting is fantastic. Raining death.
  10. Its not PC shite mate.

    Its just that Brits dont tend to glorify death regardless who is on the end of the 'good news'.

    Not British old bean.
  11. What Flashy said.

    Oh and you're a cock.
  12. More of the same mate, good on the Yanks. Keep up the good work. And for the queasy English, dont think for one second that there isnt any Brit versions out there, probably twice as bad as that one. The realities of war im afraid. Better them than us.

  13. Youre right but why should we turn war into a spectator sport purely for entertainment?

    The old addage of what happens in war should stay in war.

    Unless you've actually been in the situation of action, there is no need of reminders or turning it into some sort of rubbernecking.
  14. Have to ask.

    What is a madrassah nutsack?