What about the husbands??????

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by seen_the_light, Jan 17, 2002.

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  1. This should start some colourful debate............

    We always hear about sites like (mentioned in here somewhere) www.armywives.co.uk but what about us lesser being;s!!!...The men married to the female soldiers..(dont worry she's part of the BFG Health Service) Come on lads speak up for yourselves!!!!!
  2. A civvy working with Kleeneze I gather!
  3. funny you should say that!!!!!!! :eek:
  4. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    What about the single Army chaps who have turned to the dark side and gone green?

    Poor Misguided Fools!!!
  5. No such thing as a Husband you are either the breadwinning soldier or his wife. Hence the official terms, WIFE OF
    Camp Follower
    Mrs C/O 24KFS etc
    ad finitum..
  6. Nearest thing to a husband is someone who has a W before their regimental number
  7. 'W' for???
  8. Surely if a serving soldier has a husband then he must be on a massive salary cos surely he would be the major bread winner not just some sit at home wingeing type ? or would he ?
  9. I find the worst offenders are wives - I've been written to "C/-" myself because a wife working in the med centre assumed that the Army number belonged to my husband.  And the AFF, who often seem to have changed only in name from the FAW.  Some of my best friends are the wives of my colleagues, but a significant minority still view female soldiers with suspicion.
  10. Well as having the better half in the services yep im loaded and yep she has it all  ???
  11. im serving as is my wife, and the thing that makes me laugh is that when ever she is deployed, i get all the 'come to the Hive' and 'wives at home' coffee morning letters, yet when i deploy she recieves nothing from them, weird bunch these do-gooders in the 'wives club', where do they get their info from??
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    You lucky bugger....
  13. I thought this 'wives' club was some kind of swingers group, imagine my suprise when i actually turned up to the first 'coffee morning', Im not sure who was more shocked, me or them!!
  14. I wish I was married to a lass in the Army. Things would be so much easier sometimes.
  15. It is easier, they understand all about what its like in the mob, and what conditions are like when youre away. Although it does become a pain in the testicular department when you come back from a tour to an empty house cos shes just gone off on her own deployment.
    (having to wash clothes and cook for yourself!!)