What about the Educators!!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by flash_to_bang, Jun 10, 2002.

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  1. ;D ;D ;D

    Just thought us Edjamacators ought to get our oar in!!.
  2. so is it true EFP is being re-vamped then??
  3. looks that way-don't do anything as rash as holding your breath, but it looks like you will come on the course AFTER you have been selected for promotion-as to what you will be doing and how much of it.....take a piece of string etc....
  4. Talking of Edjamacators, thought it was time to run a poll on "who has the best looking female ETS bird in their unit/garrison/HQ?".

    I'll throw my twopenneth into the hat as there is a top totty ETS girl on AJD at the minute...and another one at Bassingbourne!
  5. SO 3 in DETS(A), u r a beauty.

    Well done the Cols for organising youself a bit of eye candy
  6. ES- Thanks!.........I didn't know you cared.  Next time you're passing.....pop in for a brew!
  7. Gotta ask a quick question, what did your efp lady look like in Colchester, I am trying to catch up with an old friend and have heard that she is about in that neck of the woods.

    Is she quite small? In some places....
  8. to all Edjamacators why isnt there any good looking wimin in edinburgh????????

    did EFP with blokes and kept noding off!  we need more wimin in the north.  You southern Gits stop hoarding them and share them around.

    When i was 16 and in JLR RAC we had a captain that had huge T%$%s, it kept me awake all night thinking about her  :p ;)

  9. didn't they give you an intval at the end?-ours regularly ask for better looking instructors-that's why we posted a moose northwards-not as far as Edinburgh though
  10. Hands up everyone that ducked out of ejamakation Sunday today.

    Should be ashamed of yourselves, its only once a year for goodness sake.
  11. Spare a thought for the poor barsteward that gets pinged to organise it.  Ours was a pleasant day and went off well.
  12. Sounds like you had better luck than a bloke I was talking to down the pub FTB.

    He's an edjuwkator and he had to wait 50 minutes for his lunch, he said the service he went to was okay though, good hymns and that.
  13. What the bluddy hell is going on here. They seem to have reorganised the forums and lumped us in with a bunch of posers and the PTIs!! This might be okay for the rough end of the AGC but wouldn't the educators be more at home on the professionally qualified forum??

    I feel a letter to my MP is imminent, or failing that I will write to DETS(A), or perhaps I might mention it to my OC, or bring it up with the lads at the dinner night on Friday. Or maybe I'll kick the mess cat.