What about mosquitoes and other insects?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by lawstudent, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. please can give you advise me ,regarding the treatment for mosquitoes and insect bites please.
  2. Of course lawstudent.

    Take a large clawhammer, hit yourself over the head a few times. Take some nails and use a sledge hammer to put them into your knees. This will help with the pain.

    Alternatively, take some tablets that make you pooh a lot and invest in antihistamines. Nothing else works.
  3. Mossie's don't like lemons , chewing lemon rind constantly will keep mossies away from you , I'm not kidding it worked for me and my dog
  4. Unless you are in a country where there is a risk of Malaria etc, I shoudnt worry too much about them, as they may be slightly irritating but they wont do you any harm.
  5. Got back from an ex a while back with my arms, face, hands covered in bites/stings which were somewhat irritating for around two weeks or so. The only remedy I can suggest is taking some antihistamines, such as Clarityn etc which may reduce irritation.