what about a tattoo?

would the army care if i had a tattoo under the age of 18? just wanna know because i really want one, and have already got the designs planned out :)


Tattoos in the army aren't really a problem.. it seems that squaddies without tattoos are the minority!! As long as they're not offensive or above the collar, I don't think there's a drama..
I was keen on a career in the forces from an early age so saved up my paper round money. In fancy italics I have 'God Bless her majesty' with three corgies making Mr Whippys underneath.... On my forehead

It never did me any harm

Can you post your designs on here?
ok, here go's. please remember, that im very new at this, and this is a prototype design. anyway, now that you know how much i suck, i want this on my back, and i'll upload the one i want on my shoulder in a little while after im done messing with it in paint :)

edit: it also has pencil lines on it, please just ignore them.



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Raeran166 said:
i wish i could, but i can't find an image hosting site atm, but give me a little while and i'll have it sorted.

Try http://www.imageshack.us/ and then post the pics here m8 cus I really like to see your own designs for tats.

Like MDN I prefer the patriotic sort of tattoo, but mine has a bit of tasteful violence added as it's a British Bulldog shooting a machinegun and singing 'Soldiers of The Queen' while shafting a French cat in a beret.
(I mean the cat is wearing the beret, not that they're shagging in one bcus berets are toosmall or it would have to be a very small bulldog)

I'm gettin the tattoo artist to add some snail filled, garlig smelling puke in front of the cat soon.
Thats a beautiful peice of artwork Raeran.... hav you considered adding text?

How about something military based if thats the career path you are choosing, maybe 'No guts no glory, lets go whoring' or 'Only the good die young, thats why I will live forever'

I am now a civilian and having mine on my forehead although patriotic tends to scare old ladies and babies in prams, I wish I'd had mine on my back, but where is the fun in trying to read the text backwords when you brush your teeth.

I will post the piccy of my latest specimine, I'm having Rod Hull on one moob and Bernie Clifton on the other.
cheers MDH, but i'm not really a text sort of guy, although i like the military idea. whatever it is, i'm going to make it in the above style, because thats the only one i can do :)
Raeran166 said:
cheers MDH, but i'm not really a text sort of guy,
Each to thier own young man......

Text can paint a large picture in a small amount of words, giving the impression you have more tattoos than you do.

On the mask that you have created, why not put an american helmet on it, with a bullet through the folliage harness, or have the mask, rebelliously refusing to fasten its chinstrap.

DO you liek Dr Who Tattoos? I have Tom Baker on one calf and John Pertwee on the other...... I was gutted when he became Worzel Gummidge, I lost some street cred
Be carefull getting tattoos done at too early an age. I had a Darth Vader costume done on my entire body, below my neck.

It may look smart at Fancy Dress parties, but it's cold and scares the children when you go swimming.
Gunny Highway said:
Is that a Cylon in Battlestar Galatica, or a Norweign Santa Claus?

Looks more like the Deceptacon logo

BTW are you gonna have this filled in or leave it as it is?
to be honest it looks a bit shit atm, theres too many straight lines in it, and the circles in the middle look out of place.

Why not call it 'fcuked up space butterfly'

is it to go on your face?
after looking at it some more it really does look like youve drawn one side of the tat then pressed it onto the other. the bottom half isnt too bad but look at the top youve got like two sets of fun prods, get the top of the tat changed pronto

dont think there really bothered unless there offensive or on the neck/face etc

in the recruitin office they'll give ya a sheet of paper and you have to indicate where ya tattoos are, size/ description etc
I had this on my back, but I had it removed when I had the real one removed

You lot are real shites. The poor chap has opened up by puting the design on here and all you are doing is ripping ito him - fair play to those with good ideas and suggestions, waste of time are the others.

Listen, if you like the designa nd are willing to live with it for the rest of your life then great. The under 18 thing.... have you found a tattooist that is willing to do it if you are under 18? all the ones Ive been too have required ID
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