What a way to go ...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blue-sophist, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. From the Daily Telegraph.


    And, for those flying in the near future ...
    FLY BA .. aaaaarrrggghhh ...

    It's just one of those days ... :roll:
  2. Bored are you???
  3. Doesn't show in the slightest
  4. Sorry ...
  5. Its alright.................. I'm trying to write an essay on NATO in Afgan witha theoretical /methodology approach
  6. That sounds like another "What a way to go ..." :wink:

    Does "theoretical/methodology approach" mean that other people have to understand it as well as the author? And then die from a surfeit of long, rarely used, words like "adumbrate" and "peripatetic"?
  7. It would help if the author understood the theoretical/methodology
  8. Sorry, can't help. I did Bracknell Grammar in the days when English was the primary language.

    I'd guess you have to be "methodical, in theory" but not necessarily in practice. Let your artistic juices flow, and you may then gain credits for "innovative solutionizing" ... or get shot.
  9. His death was indeed 'dulce et decorum est'
  10. I've failed Latin games with you before ... is that the BA one, or the Fairy Cakes? :lol:
  11. This would be exciting if it was about a politician. But unfortunately it ain't.
  12. Start a whip-round for a Crate of Fairy Cakes for Speaker Martin, with the appropriate challenge?

    He's Glaswegian ... he'd be up for competitive eating.