What a waste!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CaptainKaos, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. I have recently started in a new job. Whilst getting to know my fellow colleagues who I am working with I have come across a stunning fellow worker. Being single and available I made some discrete enquiries whether she was attached, single etc. To my horror I was told that she was a 'rug muncher'. This shocked me greatly as most of them are quite rough and I wouldn't even want to go near. But I was also given a ray of hope. It was said that she only became a lesbo after having a bad relationship with some to**pot a couple of years ago.

    Now I believe in some equality, but this is such a waste for man kind I need your advice how to proceed.

    How I see it there are 3 options

    1) Leave it and let her enjoy the rug munching.

    2) Try to bring her back from the dark side. or

    3) See if a 3some is possible and enjoy the extra company

    What do you think? Any and all suggestions welcome.

  2. I thought this was gonna be about breast reductions..........selfish women!
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I find in these sort of situations it is always good to remember the old adage of 'No means yes and yes means..er.....yes.'
  4. pictures we want pictures
  5. I would say go for it. Please come back and tell us about her telling you to fuck off.
  6. Try and turn her back from the dark side, ask her to demonstrate why she enjoys it so much, take photographs to help her understand the folly of her ways..........................and then post them here !!
  7. Just rape the selfish cunt
  8. Find her girlfriend first then rape them both.
  9. Why not find her girlfriend, rape her, which will no doubt turn her back to loving the c0ck.

    She will inturn bin the bird she works with, which will makes her cry for a week, and help induce weight loss.

    Then ply the girl at work with a bottle of wine and she'll be keener to put out than a Pompei crack whore
  10. You've never thought of this before have you. :D
  11. You're quite right CK, Complete waste of time posting this shite 8O
  12. She can be cured, give her Tricoxagen orally.
  13. "It was said that she only became a lesbo after having a bad relationship with some to**pot a couple of years ago."

    yeah right....cos if running into male tosspots turned birds lezzer you'd be living in Sapphic heaven.....you're just not willing to accept that you're short/bald/toothless/halitotic/ginger/poor/smelly/pigeon-chested/small-willied/bandy-legged and she's just not that into you :D

    *delete as appropriate!
  14. can I pop round and fcuk you?
  15. Not again.....it took me four weeks to find your trainer the last time!! AND it gave me an infection!