What a walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bossyboots, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Ok, so i've been away on a works course this past couple of weeks. All is going well until one breakfast time when one of the blokes on the course, who was a right blimp decides to join my table, ruining a perfectly good conversation about why blokes keep missing the G.spot or similar.
    Conversation turns to past employment.
    'I was a Para' says Blimp, who sports a set of para wings tattoo'ed on his moobs.
    I asked him when he earned his brown wings and he looked gone out.
    Every time i tried to question him on such as his number, coy etc, he deflected by talking to someone else.
    For the grand finale, he announced that his son was in the SAS ( cue my coffee spraying everyone ) and that he himself was formerly very high ranking. I had to leave the table at that point to unlock my gritted teeth.
    By the end of the course, i really really wanted to spork his fat chops, which i possibly would have done had he not have spent the rest of the course trying to avoid me.
    Even better was that a couple of the instructors are ex forces and strangely he never shared these nuggets of information with them :twisted:
    If your reading this Walt, you know who you are.
  2. Still better than the RAF :D

  3. The entry level for teacher training courses has been lowered then?
  4. If it had of been a teacher training course, i could possibly have got away with sporking him in the eyeball Vaaanmaaan :lol:
  5. We know :lol:
  6. Send him a pack of these

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  7. I will sleep easy tonight knowing this information, now disconnect your modem you boring gimp.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. And I am calling you caant.
  10. Ssshh now Roberta
  11. Your computer hasnt been seized yet? Bore off you peadophile.
  12. you're original.

    if you could speak proper english you might at least call me a cunt not just caant which looks like a miss-spelling of can't.

    shouldn't you be out playing with your schoolfriends? no scrap that, you wouldn't have any. do your parents know you post on a grown up forum?
  13. seeing as we've ascertained you're still at school....

    you were molested by your father and the local vicar from a young age

    and i claim my £5
  14. Your becoming extremely boring now my friend, Im pretty close to typing in CAPS thats how much your annoying me, go away do you not have a boyfriend to go play with.