What a tw*t

"i decided to join the army for only 5 weeks" :)

Could he be related to BARBgenius? :lol: What a mong O2 thief. Clearly has 'meedja' aspirations; probably destined for a long and mediocre career in hospital radio.
He seemed to have worked out his exit strategy before he even arrived for training, which tells us something about his unsuitability and about current recruitment policy.

Despite all that, we all make mistakes and I suppose at least he has had the grace to both admit that and to express positive sentiments about his (short) experience.

In the second video he says he now wants to join the police! I suppose he'll quit that, too, when he finds out he doesn't get a gun in the first week.
James51234 said:
At least the music at the beginning was good...
Err, yeah. It's great. Fo' shizzle blood. :roll:
I didn't bother to look, is that the black kiddie who decided to do a few weeks of basic, then fcuk off? If so, that's been around for years. It was shit when I first watched it, and its probably still shite. What a tool.
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