What a total w@nker

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. this guy asked for a link to his site to be put up on the my site in the links section, he got all huffy when I declined as he only sells Chinese rubbish.

    Then it got a bit stupid and we recieved this lol..

    You piece of ****, if that is your lingo **** I am glad we are not there you arrogant bastered. I wonder why **** people like you are dealing with association inquiries.

    I have both your emails distributed to my respected associations just to let them what a nasty **** I have just come across. **** YOU & **** YOUR MEMBERS.

    We will keep selling our naff stuff you stick your association up where it fits you nasty **** now **** off and dnt reply ******

    I suppose you can fill in the ****

    Really nice person.................not, it's people like this I don't mind the Government shutting down


    BTW he trades on e.b.a.y. aswell the tosser ... just grips my pooh so much when people in business act like this
  2. I like the fact that when you read it you can mentally tell which **** is which.
  3. Sounds like you've discovered the b@rstard love child of Basil Fawlty and Gordon Ramsay. With Tourette's syndrome.
  4. Dan, what did you say to him to trigger that lot of sunshine off?
  5. mate just refused a banner on a site ... lol... and I told him we dont recomend his products, I was totally taken aback by it lol

    just that he stocks dodgy imports.
  6. I assume that you told him that his products were dodgy?
  7. No I told him the quality of his products are not to the desired standard to be endorse'd by our site lol.
  8. Well that's just fancy talk for 'P!ss off mate and get you sh!tty imports away from me you c*unt.'
  9. yes but its business mate... and we have a lot of complaints about his products.. I wouldnd endorse condoms with pinholes in... its just wrong. Still no need for that reply.
  10. Indeed.
  11. put it this way.. I am a BSA man or air arms and I took a coule of his imports out with a couple of mates a few weeks ago and oh my god! thats all I can say... the pellets crawl barrels on his and commit suicide out the end of the muzzle straight to the floor lol.
  12. Is it just me or is everything labelled as being free if you pay in Euros?!
  13. lol... go on ask the homo
  14. Think the site says it all really.....