What a stroke of luck

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A while ago now, my dads TA center had a significant amount of items stolen from the supply rooms. Anyway there was a big investigation there and everyone was checked, including the ACF. Then, just after the search was finished with no luck, my Dad got a phone call from one of the corprals from the TA center saying that he was in a Militaria shop and he has found the regiments items. Is that a stroke of luck or what?
And the point of this post is what exactly?
Lucky you were able to point that out, Biscuits!! :D

I tend to disagree, "lucky" would have been finding the thieving ACF bastard who nicked them and getting the monkeys to beat the truth out of him..I expect they'll just force that corporal to confess. well, it all helps with clear-up rates I suppose.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
I, for one, just cannot wait for the next chapter in your tales of fortuitous escapades Silent Scope.

Are they all as mind numbingly dull as the one above because I am finding it difficult to sleep at night.

Well sorry! I am not renouned for my stroy telling skills, and if myou cant sleep at night I will make it worse by loading the fact that i am upset by your reply on your consiance (if you have one).
I once was rooting about in a skip when I found a perfectly good toothbrush and comb. What a stroke of luck!!!!
Thread closed.

Silent Scope, stop being such a bag of ladybits.
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