What a silly bint!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Henry_Tombs, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. Does this mean they're going to run another series to find a maternity leave replacement?
  2. Well, the badger wasn't going to be a pregnancy risk.....
  3. Brightest of the bright? not bright enough to stick a rubber over it! :roll:

    This tells me all I need to know about today's work ethic you make way for the pushy bints who 5 mins into the job get up the duff go off for a year and some other poor sod has to do their work

    Sorry but I am sick of paying more tax and propping up women who have a new baby every year, spend 9 months out of 12 sitting in front of Trisha, whinge about not having a free crèche and then want to job share as its their right to flexible working!

    Now the pussy whipped blokes get paternity leave as well! :pissedoff:

    don't get me started about the traffic chaos caused by the school run 4x4 mums :pissedoff:

    it all started to go down hill when they got the vote :omg: ........we had an empire before that you know :salut:

    .........and breathe........ :meditate:
  4. Fiji Bob.... now you have let out all that rage you feel better?
  5. stupid stupid doris all that cash on a plate. should have kept her legs closed.
  6. Would you buy a used anything from this man? No? But you'd like him to be the father of your child... 8O :dead:

    The man has proven himself on national television to be a pathological liar, work-shy and a gobby shite - I'm sure he'll change his ways and become a stable hard-working individual now he has responsibilities... :roll:

  7. Dude!