What a Shite 24 Hours for English Sport

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ethel_the_Aardvark, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. Firstly, the overpaid and mentally sub-normal collection of moronic chavs that masquerade as the national football team somehow contrive to throw away a 2 goal lead to a country that has only been in existence for 20 years and has a population smaller than Lincolnshire. Clearly distracted by the impending imprisonment of his (allegedly) criminal father (if we can even be sure of that) the self-proclaimed King of the Foul Mouthed unter-mensche got his hair transplant in a twist and was sent off following a petulant and melodramatic tizzy.

    The next debacle was the capitulation of the egg chasers to the cheese-eating surrender monkeys (who had previously lost to Tonga and only just scraped past Japan). This is covered in more detail in another thread and I repeat my previous post for completeness:

    Woeful performance littered by mistakes. With one or 2 exceptions this squad appear to be a bunch of overpaid, over-rated, arrogant, brash, unintelligent and generally unpleasant individuals; if they won rugby matches I could tolerate their failings - unfortunately they can't even do that.

    Banahan did more in 5 minutes than Wilkinson did all game; Moody showed about as much leadership when the chips were down as a dead badger; Stevens was rubbish - but then what do you expect from a cocaine snorting Judas? Tuilagi was immense.​

    Most recently poor old Somerset narrowly lost in the semi-final of the cricket World T20 Championships. Of these, only Somerset emerge with any credit as they played exceptionally well to even reach the semis and they retained their dignity and commitment throughout.

    There ......... I feel better now. :crash:
  2. Speak for yourself - Tamworth won 4 nil!!!
  3. Was Lewis Moody?
  4. It seems our national sides reflect exactly the mood of the country, and just can't be arsed to make any kind of effort.
  5. Good, you are coming round to the realisation that England are not world class at much, even though your press tell you you are world beaters. All we need now is the rest of the English population to wake up and smell the coffee and we can perhaps start enjoying sport a bit more. Without preconceived ideas that you are going to win every competition that you enter and then have to deal with the fall out when it does not happen.

    Wait till tomorrows press they will be calling for the sacking of Martin Johnson.
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  6. It's been a fucking ace 24 hours for us jocks! :wink:
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  7. 1-0 against Lichtenstein? I`ll bet the Spanish et al are shittin` themselves.

    But there again, it is Scotland so any win is a good win I guess.
  8. You mean there were Scottish sportsmen playing today as well? That's just an added bonus.
  9. Utter bollocks. We, the English, or we the Brits, are a sporting global powerhouse who are there or thereabouts in every sport execept the winter snow ones, tho I'm certainly not going to defend chav ball.

    I can't think of another nation that competes at the top end of virtually every single international sport and only someone who doesn't understand sport would expect us to dominate all the time.

    I see you failed mention either the England cricket team or our total domination of F1 both technically and in the success of our drivers etc etc etc.

    Sport is cyclical, talking of which haven't we just got a new world champion English pro cyclist?
  10. And you've just summed up the difference between our two nations: Scotland is shite at most sports, and we know it. So as you say, any win's a good 'un. We do not delude ourselves that we are world-beaters.

    England, by contrast, are rather good at both Wendyball and Rugby, but not as good as they think they are. They have a fatal tendency to believe their own hype and that they only have to walk on the pitch for the opposition to give up. When the other team refuses to do the decent thing and actually tries to win the game(the bastards!)more often than not England fall apart. This is particularly hard for English people to take, given the media's tendency to hype every English team as demi-gods who will sweep all before them...
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  11. You're shit at tennis.
  12. I dunno. The last 24hrs has been quite good for us Welsh. Wins in both football & then the rugby. Tidy.
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  13. The Cymraeg are having quite a good day as well.
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  14. This is why you English fuck everyone else off you claim what is your when it isn't - England and Wales Cricket Board - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia